Sorry about how wide it is, but here is the entire cast of the Jim Henson productions. :)

"The Muppet Show" Muppets

Annie Sue                : Miss Piggy's disciple and rival (3rd season)
Beaker                   : Bunsen Honeydew's Assistant
Beauregard               : Janitor (later seasons)
Betsy Bird               : Built as a showcase for dancer Betsy Baytos
Big Mama                 : Orange monster with big mouth and ears
Bobby Benson             : Director of the Baby Band
Camilla the Chicken      : Gonzo's main squeeze
Crazy Harry              : Likes explosions
Dr. Bunson Honeydew      : Scientist-type
Dr. Julius Strangepork   : Science officer on the Swinetrek
Droop                    : Fuzzy guy with long snout (see Ben Vereen ep.)
Flying Zucchini Brothers : Human Cannonball act
Foo-foo                  : Miss Piggy's dog
Fozzie Bear              : "The comedian's a bear!"
Gaffer                   : Piratical-looking cat, mostly just lay backstage
George the Janitor       : Janitor (early seasons)
Gladys                   : Cafeteria Waitress (see Gene Stapleton ep.)
Hilda                    : From wardrobe (1st season)
J.P. Grosse              : Scooter's uncle who owns the theatre
Kermit                   : The Main Frog
Lew Zealand              : Throws fish
Lewis Kezagger           : Sportscaster
Link Hogthrob            : Captain of the Swinetrek
Marvin Suggs and his
   Amazing Muppephone    : Also, MS and his All-Food Glee Club
Mildred                  : George's purple dancing partner
Miss Piggy               : The Main Pig
Muppy                    : White dog (first season)
Nigel the conductor      : Wrote theme music
Pops                     : Greeted guest stars at show opening (5th season)
Rizzo                    : One of the rat pack
Robin                    : Kermit's nephew
Rowlf                    : Piano-playing dog
Sam the American Eagle   : Tried to uphold "decency" on the show
Scooter                  : The gofer (stage assistant)
Louis Kazagger           : Sports anouncer
Statler                  : Heckler -- the thinner guy in the balcony
Swedish Chef             : The cook -- Bork bork bork!
Sweetums                 : Big ol' monster
The Great Gonzo          : Claims he's a "whatever"
The Newsman              : News Anchorman (yes, that's his name)
Thog                     : Large blue monster with ears that go up
Timmy Monster            : Large blue monster with green lips
Tom, Dick, and Harry     : The 3-headed creature
Uncle Deadly             : Phantom of the Muppet Show; scary looking
Vendaface                : Facelift machine
Waldorf                  : Heckler -- the wider guy in the balcony
Wayne and Wanda          : Upstanding "churchgoing" couple (1st season)

Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem 

Dr. Teeth -- keyboards 
Sgt. Floyd Pepper -- guitar 
Zoot -- saxophone 
Janice -- guitar, vocals 
Animal -- drums 
Lips -- trumpet (later) 
Veterinarian's Hospital 

Dr. Bob (Rowlf) 
Nurse Piggy 
Nurse Janice 
Pigs in Space 

The Swinetrek 
Captain Link Hogthrob 
Dr. Julius Strangepork 
First Mate Piggy 
(Some) Special Muppet Guests 

Alfredo                   : Mop dancer (Liberace ep.)
Andre the Artist          : 
Angus McGonnigle          : The Gargling Gargoyle ("Star Wars" ep.)
Astoria                   : Waldorf's wife (Dizzy Gillespie ep.)
Auntie Melba's Cow Chorus : Sang "We've got Elegance" (Arlo Guthrie ep.)
Baskerville the Hound     : Auditions for show (Steve Martin ep.)
Bernie the Easterbunny    : Makeup man  (Valerie Harper ep.)
Bert                      : Old singing guy (Don Knotts ep., Nancy Walker ep.)
Billy the Bear            : Comedian (Phyllis George ep.)
Bouncing Borcelino
   Brothers               : Acrobat pigs (Florence Henderson ep.)
Bruce                     : Little fox in "At the Dance" (Connie Stevens ep.)
Bullets Barker            : Bad cowboy (Roy ROgers ep., Dale Evans ep.)
Bun-Bun brothers          : (Alan Arkin ep.)
Buste of Beethoven        : Music critic (James Coco ep., Cheryl Ladd ep.)
Butch and Sundance        : (Jonathan Winters ep.)
Carrie Lousie and friend  : Girl & frog who audition for the show (Steve Martin)
Chopped Liver Alien       : From Pigs in Space (Cloris Leachman ep.)
Chris Rudolph             : And his invisible cheeseburger (Gene Kelley ep.)
Clive Kowinga             : Singing civil servant (Danny Kaye ep.)
Clodhoppers               : Dancing monsters (Valerie Harper ep.)
Cynthia Birdley           : Strange women on panel (Peter Ustinov ep.)
Danceros                  : Big dancing thing (Jim Nabors ep.)
Dirth Nader               : (Crystal Gale, "Star Wars" eps.)
Doglion                   : Beast in Beauty and the Beast (Leslie Ann Warren)
Dr. Pig (Dr. Bob as a pig): "Vedgetarian Hospital" (Cloris Leachman ep.)
Dr. Watson                : In Sherlock Holmes sketch (Joel Grey ep.)
Eric                      : Parrot in penguin suit (Glenda Jackson ep.)
Falling Alfonsos          : Did the 150 feet dive (Phyllis George ep.)
Fieldling                 : Butler from Sherlock Holmes sketch (Joel Grey ep.)
Fleet Scribbler           : Tabloid reporter (George Burns ep.)
Flo the Chicken           : From "At the Dance" (Lou Rawls ep.)
Fozzie Pig                : When the pigs take over the show (Cloris Leachman)
Four Fazoobs              : Singing Koozbanian creatures (Steve Martin ep.)
George                    : Koozbanian rock (Elke Sommer ep.)
Gerry and the Atrics      : Band of old muppets (Dyan Cannon ep.)
Gorgon Heap               : One of world's greatest eaters (Vincent Price ep.)
Gogolala Jubilee Jugband  : The first Muppet Jug band (Ruth Buzzi ep.)
Grease Slimy              : Wig racer (Marissa Berenson ep.)
Granny the Goucher        : Lady wrestler (Zero Mostel ep.) 
Harold                    : Woodpecker in "At the Dance" (Petula Clarke ep.)
Herman                    : Dancing partner of shouting lady (Phyllis Diller)
Hildegarde                : Mop dancer (Liberace ep.)
Kermit the Pig            : When the pigs take over the show (Cloris Leachman)
Koozbanian Foob           : Tasty, fast-evolving creature (Judy Collins ep.)
Koozbanian Spoobol        : All-liquid alien (John Cleese ep.)
Laticia                   : Female rhinoceros (Jean Stapleton ep.)
Lenny the Lizard          : Auduitions for part of Emcee (Steve Martin ep.)
Leslie and Warren         : Dancing cucumbers (Leslie Ann Warren ep.)
Lolita                    : Gonzo's dancing chicken (Rich Little ep.)
Lollup Lou                : And the Jughuggers (Gene Kelly ep.)
Luis Greco                : Morse code flamenco dancer (Spike Milligan ep.)
Lydia                     : The tattoed lady (Connie Stevens ep.)
Mahna mahna               : Eyes matched snowths' mouths (Juliet Prowse ep.)
Martha                    : Koozbanian Rock (Elke Sommer ep.)
Marvin                    : Guy from "At the Dance" (Julie Andrews ep.)
Mary Louise               : Kermit's dancing partner (Twiggy ep.)
Melissa                   : And her magnetic moose (Chris Langham ep.)
Mickey Moose              : Hnags around backstage (Petula Clarke ep.)
Miss Mousey               : Miss Piggy's rival (Bernadette Peters ep.)
Momma                     : Music machine (Dudley Moore ep.)
Mortimer Snerd            : (Edgar Bergen ep.)
Mrs. Appleby              : Leader of Robin's scout troop (Debbie Harry ep.)
Mrs. Wilson               : Female reporter (Rich Little ep.)
Mulch                     : Hunchback-type monster (Debbie Harry ep.)
Old Skyball Paint         : Most dangerous horse in the West (Roy Rogers ep.)
Peg Legg                  : Pretty good dancing pirate (Glenda Jackson ep.)
Phillys                   : Creature with balloon nose (Petula Clarke ep.)
Pierre Lacouse            : One of world's greatest chefs (Vincent Price ep.)
Prof. Albert Flan &
   Otto the Robot Comedian: (Sylvester Stallone ep.)
Roger                     : Works at Muppet Sound Studio (Helen Reddy ep.)
Ronald Duck               : Mickey Moose's friend (Petula Clarke ep.)
Seven Foot Talking Carrot : Operetta singer (Gilda Radner ep.)
Seymour                   : Boomerang fish (Marissa Berenson ep.)
Shakey Shansezz           : And his bomb balancing act (Glenda Jackson ep.)
Singing Fireman           : Auditioned while there's a fire (Roy Clark ep.)
Snurbs                    : Creatures with trumpets on noses (Bruce Forsyth ep.)
Sopwitch                  : Camel (Helen Reddy ep.)
Swedish Chef Pig          : When the pigs take over the show (Cloris Leachman)
Sweetums Pig              : When the pigs take over the show (Cloris Leachman)
The Dancing Spunches      : Clean up water acts (James Coco ep.)
The Gawky Birds           : Big pink birds (Bruce Forsyth ep., Liberace ep.)
The Newspig               : When the pigs take over the show (Cloris Leachman)
Thudge Mc Gerk            : Spooks around theaters (Vincent Price ep.)
Tom, Dick, and Harry      : The 3-headed creature
Trevor the Gross          : Gonzo replacement (Lola Falana ep.)
Vendawish                 : Wish granting machine (Leslie Uggams ep.)
William Tell              : Shoots arrow everywhere (Alice Cooper ep.)
Willy                     : Pig (Gilda Radner ep.)
Winky Pinkerton           : Penguin who does bird impressions (Loretta Lynn ep.)
Yolanda                   : Gonzo's Dancing Cheese (Steve Martin ep.)
Zelda Rose                : And her singing owl (Milton Berle ep.)
``Muppets Tonight!'' Muppets
The Official Henson web site has more information about some of the major Muppets.
Recurring characters

Andy and Randy Pig        : Piggy's dumb nephews
Announcer                 : Red bird creature
Beaker                    : Still Bunsen Honeydew's foil
Bill the Bubble Guy       : "Bubbles come out of my head!"
Bunsen Honeydew           : Competes with Van Neuter for Mad Scientist attention
Bobo Bear                 : Security bear
Carl                      : The Big Mean Bagpipe Eater/Bunny/Ventriloquist
Carter                    : Mr. Pudman's butler
Jowls                     : Guitar player in the new band
Clifford                  : Dreadlock Muppet, host of the new show
Clueless Morgan           : Goat, works in a cafe with Polly
Ernest Spleth             : Does "Wallstreet Happenings" and other dull things
Gonzo                     : More masochistic than in his "Muppet Show" days
Johnny Fiama              : Singer
Kermit the Frog           : Executive Producer
Mama Fiama                : Johnny Fiama's mom
Miss Piggy                : Back from a stint doing infomercials
Mr. Callahan              : Polly & Clueless' customer, only hands are shown
Mr. Poodlepants           : Weird clown-like character with a tongue
Mr. Pudman                : Very fat and rich pig 
Nigel                     : Green little nervous creature in control room
Pepe                      : The Prawn Elevator Operator
Polly Lobster             : Works in a cafe with Clueless Morgan
Sal the Monkey            : Johnny Fiama's monkey bodyguard
Seymour                   : The Elephant Elevator Operator
Snooky Bloir              : Gameshow host from "Swift Wits"
Zippity-Zap               : Green hip Muppet

Deep Dish Nine 

Captain Peejay -- Bald captain 
Craniac -- Science officer (brain creature) 
Miss Piggy 
Bay of Pigs Watch 

David Hoggselhoff -- Champ Schwimmer 
Spamela Hamderson -- Busty pig 
Andy and Randy Pig 
Tales from the Vet 

Dr. Phil Van Neuter -- Friendly veterinarian host 
Mulch -- Van Neuter's Frankenstein-like assistant 
Great Moments in Elvis History 

The Elvisses -- There are three of them 
(Some) Special Muppet Guests 

Al                    : Computer from "Pigs in Space" (Jason Alexander ep.)
Al                    : Police officer in "Fairyland PD" (Whoopi Goldberg ep.)
Arthur Model          : Played for Rufus in "Swift Wits" (Pierce Brosnan ep.)
Baby Elaine           : "Seinfeld Babies" (Sandra Bullock ep.)
Baby George           : "Seinfeld Babies" (Sandra Bullock ep.)
Baby Kramer           : "Seinfeld Babies" (Sandra Bullock ep.)
Baby Jerry            : "Seinfeld Babies" (Sandra Bullock ep.)
Ben Franklin          : "Great Moments in Elvis History" (Michelle Pfieffer ep.)
Bill's Bubble Family  : "While You Were Slapping" (Sandra Bullock ep.)
Blowfish              : Crook from casino sketch (Pierce Brosnan ep.)
Bud                   : "Flippers" (Martin Short ep.)
Bug Lou Allan         : Hosted "People's Court" (Whoopi Goldberg ep.)
Buster Birdman        : Played for Winky in "Swift Wits" (Cindy Crawford ep.)
Chester Tomwater      : Gave clues for Martha in "Swift Wits" (Martin Short ep.)
Clarissa              : Johnny Fiama sang a love song to her (John Goodman ep.)
Colbax Birdman        : Played for Winky in "Swift Wits" (Cindy Crawford ep.)
Composta Heap         : Mulch's sister & Van Neuter's wife (John Goodman ep.)
Cupid                 : Made Bobo fall for Cindy Crawford (Cindy Crawford ep.)
Dancelot              : From "Great Moments in Elvis History" (Tony Bennet ep.)
Don the Prop Guy      : A blood-sucking bass-kisser (Tony Bennet ep.)
Filo Sobfinger        : Played for Sterling in "Swift Wits" (Michelle Pfieffer ep.)           
Frankie Yakovic       : And his Polka Dots (Sandra Bullock ep.)
Goldy Locks           : "Fairyland PD" crook (Whoopi Goldberg ep.)
Humpty Dumpty         : Jumped off a roof in "Fairyland PD" (Jason Alexander ep.)
Indiana               : Rat from "The Rat Patrol" (John Goodman ep.)
Jennifer              : From "Kermit the Frog Club" (Cindy Crawford ep.)
L. Ron                : From "Kermit the Frog Club" (Cindy Crawford ep.)
Lancelot              : From "Great Moments in Elvis History" (Tony Bennet ep.)
Laughalot             : From "Great Moments in Elvis History" (Tony Bennet ep.)
Little Miss Muffet    : From "Fairyland PD" (John Goodman ep.)
M! D Bolo             : From "Kermit the Frog Club" (Cindy Crawford ep.)
Madeline              : Wardrobe lady (Jason Alexander ep.)
Martha                : Mole from "Swift Wits" (Martin Short ep.)
Moby                  : Ed Grimley's gold fish (Martin Short ep.)
Mt. Rushmore          : Watch Gonzo as he comes flying by (Tony Bennet ep.)
Newt                  : From "Kermit the Frog Club" (Cindy Crawford ep.)
Persy                 : Pig who loved ham, "Tales from the Vet" (Heather Locklear ep.)
Queen Guinevere       : From "Great Moments in Elvis History" (Tony Bennet ep.)
Robbie (Meathead)     : From "Kermit the Frog Club" (Cindy Crawford ep.)
Rob Reiner            : From "When Harry Met Sally" (Billy Crystal ep.)
Rufus                 : Hound from "Swift Wits" (Pierce Brosnan ep.)
Sergio                : Creature in Polly's "Sergio Surprise" (Tony Bennet ep.)
Sid Knishes           : And his Mashing Patatoes (Sandra Bullock ep.)
Spider                : Stole curts & whey in "Fairyland PD" (John Goodman ep.)
Squish                : Slimy scuzzball from "NYPD Green" (Tony Bennet ep.)
Sterling              : Poodle in "Swift Wits" (Michelle Pfieffer ep.)
Steve                 : Coffee shop customer (Heather Locklear ep.)
Stu                   : From "Kermit the Frog Club" (Cindy Crawford ep.)
Taylor the Turkey     : Loved Thanksgiving,"Tales from the Vet" (Garth Brooks ep.)                    
The Captain's Log     : From "Pigs in Space" (Garth Brooks ep.)
The Dancing Cheeses   : Melted under the studio lights (Michelle Pfieffer ep.)
The Dancing Grannies  : Something to keep the audience busy (Pierce Brosnan ep.)
The Emperor           : Showed new clothes in "Fairyland PD" (Heather Locklear ep.)
The Head of Network   : Gave time slot to Bill the Bubble Guy (Garth Brooks ep.)
The Ice Station Zebra : "Freezing my stripes off!" (Heather Locklear ep.)
The Irish Rodents     : Sang a funny song about cheese (Cindy Crawford ep.)
The Network Censor    : From "NYPD Green" (Tony Bennet ep.)
The Reggae Rodents    : Sang "No Woman No Cry" (Whoopi Goldberg ep.)
The Rock Lobsters     : Took over the studio (Pierce Brosnan ep.)
The Two-Headed Comic  : Were found near nuclear power radiator (Martin Short ep.)
Theresa               : Coffee shop bar keeper (Heather Locklear ep.)
Thor                  : From "Thor, God of Thunder" (Jason Alexander ep.)
Toshi                 : From "Kermit the Frog Club" (Cindy Crawford ep.)
Winky                 : Beaver from "Swift Wits" (Cindy Crawford ep.)
Zeus                  : From "Thor, God of Thunder" (Jason Alexander ep.)

"Sesame Street" Muppets

Alice Snuffleupagus             : Aloysius Snuffleupagus's sister; she's 2
Aloysius Snuffleupagus          : Used to be invisible, but no more; he's 4
Amazing Mumford                 : Magician -- "a la peanut butter sandwiches!"
Angry Guy                       : Sherlock Hemlock lookalike
Assorted Cows                   : Often used a backup singers
Baby Bear                       : From the Goldilocks tale
Baby Martian                    :
Baby Natasha                    : Infant daughter of Ingrid and Humphrey
Barkley                         : Large dog: owned by Linda
Bart                            : Bert's brother
Bert                            : Pigeons and Paper clips
Betty Lou                       :
Biff                            : Construction worker: partner of Sully
Big Bird                        : He used to be 3 but is now 6, bday on 20 Mar
Bo Peep                         : Keeps losing her sheep
Boss                            : Lefty's boss with the Golden "An"
Brad                            : Bert's nephew
Bruce Stringbean and the
   S Street Band                : "Born to Add"
Bruno                           : Carries Oscar's can
Buster                          : Forgetful Jones' horse
Captain Vegetable               :
Charlie                         : as in "Hey, Charlie, a number 4!"
Chrissy and the Alphabets       : several big hits!
Cinderella                      :
Clementine                      : Forgetful Jones' girlfriend
Cookie Monster                  : Also hosts Monsterpiece Theatre
Deena & Pearl                   : Monsters who loved to imagine? (old)
Don Music                       : Often hits his head on the piano
Dr. Noble Price                 : Scientist
Elmo                            : Awww, he's so cute!  He's 2 1/2, bday on 3 Feb
Ernestine                       : Ernie's niece
Ernie                           : Rubber Duckie
Farley                          : Little boy
Ferlengheti                     : Beat Poet
Flo Bear                        :
Forgetful Jones                 : Cowboy; lives up to name
Frank and Stein                 : Two-headed monster, maybe (see Horn...)
Gina                            : Muppet; "Gina play"
Gladys                          : Cow
Grover                          : Plays SuperGrover and a waiter, he's about 4
Grover's Mommy                  :
Grungetta                       : Oscar's girlfriend
Guy Smiley                      : Real name: Bernie Liederkrantz
Harvey Kneeslapper              : Practical joker
Herbert Birdsfoot               :
Herry Monster                   :
Hoots the Owl                   : Plays saxophone, often at Birdland
Horn and Hardark                : Two-headed monster, maybe (see Frank...)
How Now Brown Cow
   and The Moo Wave             : Cow singing group
Humpty Dumpty                   : News Flash! star
Ingrid and Humphrey             : Own the hotel The Furry Arms; daughter Natasha
Irvine                          : Oscar the Grouch's niece
Jackman Wolf                    : Guy with yellow hair and glasses, sung
Kermit the Frog                 : Reporter for Sesame Street News
Large Blue Wolf                 : In most scenes with the wolf
Lefty                           : Shady guy: sells things to Ernie
Little Bird                     :
Little Jerry and the Monotones  : "Telephone Rock"
Little Red Riding Hood          : Red is liberated or non-traditional
Lord Chatterly                  : Guy from Alphabet Chat
Martians                        : The folks at CTW call them the "Yip-yips"
Merryl Sheep                    :
Miss Muffett                    : News Flash! star
Mr. Johnson                     : Blue-headed guy at Grover's restaurants
Mrs. Snuffleupagus              : Aloysius (and Alice) S's mother
Old MacDonald                   : Had a Farm
Oscar the Grouch                : First season he was orange!
Oscar's little niece            :
Oscar's mommy                   :
H. Ross Parrot                  :
Papa Bear                       : Baby Bear's father and hero
Pat Playjacks                   : America's _Second_ Favorite Game Show Host
Peter Piper                     :
Pied Piper                      : Really groovy, looked like Jim Henson
Placido Flamingo                : Opera singer
Polly Darton                    : Country Singer
Prarie Dawn                     : Level-headed, intelligent
Prince Charming                 :
Purple Guy                      : In the skit with the guy with long nose
Roosevelt Franklin              :
Rosita, Monstrua de las Cuevas  : Young Hispanic muppet ("Monster of the Caves")
Rumpelstiltskin                 : First name is Bruce
Sam the Robot                   : Early SS only
Sammy                           : The snake
Shaggy Singer and 2 backups     : Sing "Near, Far" and "Ball Tall Fall Wall"
Sheldon the Turtle              :
Sherlock Hemlock                : The World's Greatest Detective
Showered Rosell                 : Sports Announcer
Simon the Soundman              : Made noises with his mouth
Singing pigs                    :
Sinister Sam                    : "I wanna know who bought the last box
                                       of crayons and Y"
Sleeping Beauty                 :
Slimey                          : Oscar's pet worm
Small Green Wolf                : Accused of a crime
Solid Citizen                   : Lady on stage with Mumford
Spider of Miss Muffett          : News Flash! star
Sully                           : Construction worker; Biff's partner
Telly Monster                   : "Intense and earnest"
The Amazing Mumford             :
The Beetles                     : They sing "Letter B"
The Count von Count             : Based (loosely!) on Count Dracula
The Countess Dahling von Dahling: The Count's girlfriend
The Dingers                     :
The Honkers                     :
The Three Little Pigs           : Various skits
Theodore                        : In the Count's classroom
Twiddle Bugs                    : At least four; live in Ernie's flowerbox
Vanna White lookalike           : Name???
Very Large Grayish-Blue Wolf    : Blew Kermit off the screen and screen white
Vincent Twice, Vincent Twice    : Armchair announcer
Warren Wolf                     : Wolf version of Kermit the Frog
Witches in a cave               : They COOPERATED to make some chicken soup
Zoe                             : Elmo's best friend
ZZ Top Lookalikes               : Cool =)


"Sesame Street" Muppets found outside the U.S.
You can see pictures of many of these Muppets at the Image Bank -- Sesame Park page. 
Basil               : Polar bear
Chaos               : Kitten
Dodi                : Bush pilot
Katie               : Is she the one in the wheelchair?
Louis               : Otter
Barbara Plum        : parody of "The Journal" host Barbara Frum

Buh                 : Trumpet-playing owl
Rumpell             : Looks like Oscar, but lives in a rainbarrel
Samson              : Big bear-like Muppet
Simson              : Samson's best friend and look-alike
Tiffy               : Pink bird-like female Muppet; owns a shop?
Vinnchen            : Little snail

The Netherlands
You can see pictures of many of these Muppets at the Sesamstraat -- Foto's page. 
Ieniemienie         : Little girl mouse
Pino                : Blue version of Big Bird
Tommy               : Little dog, Ieniemienie's friend
Troel               : Tommy's girlfriend (old)


``Sesame Street'' Humans

Bob (Bob McGrath)               : Music teacher
Buffy (Buffy St. Marie)         : Past, maried to Sheldon
Carlo (Carlo Alban)             : Kid, works in Mr. Hooper's store
Celina (Anette Calud)           : Dance instructor
David (Northern Calloway)       : d. 1989
Fanny                           : Old SS kid, Kermit interview
Gabriella (Desiree Casado)      : Maria and Luis's daughter
Gina (Alison Bartlett O'Reilly) : Teenager, works in Mr. Handford's store
Gordon (Matt Robinson,
   Hal Miller, Roscoe Orman)    : Married to Susan; more than one actor
Hiroshi                         : Artist
John-John                       : Frequently used child
Koty                            : Child of Buffy and Sheldon
Linda (Linda Bove)              : Deaf; Librarian; owns Barkley
Luis (Emilio Delgado)           : Married to Maria, runs Fix-It shop
Maria (Sonia Manzano)           : Married to Luis, runs Fix-It shop
Miles (Imani Patterson)         : Adopted son of Susan and Gordon
Mr. Mcintosh                    : Past; owned fruit stand on wheels
Mr. Handford (David Smyrl)      : Currently own's Hooper's store
Mr. Hooper (Will Lee)           : d. 1983; ran grocery store
Nina the Nice                   : Oscar's alter ego in a n'hood of grouches
Olivia (Alaina Reed)            : Gordon's sister
Ruthie (Ruth Buzzie)            : Owner of "Finders Keepers"
Savion Glover                   : teen; on 1991-1995; now a famous tap dancer
Shola                           : Old SS kid, Kermit interview
Sheldon                         : Married to Buffy
Susan (Loretta Long)            : Married to Gordon
Wanda the Word Fairy (Andrea Martin) : Newer

Jim Henson created the Muppets in the mid-1950s, and they gradually made their way to success, gaining widespread recognition on Sesame Street, but also making frequent appearances on the first season of Saturday Night Live. Their apotheosis occurred in the late 1970s with The Muppet Show, a bizarre faux variety show that saw everyone from Bob Hope to Alice Cooper guest-star1. It led to a very successful Muppet Movie.

Several lesser films followed, along with music, other series, and merchandise.

They've been out of the limelight since 19992. This 2011 film gives them another shot at fame. It's not perfect, but it has been made by people who understand why the Muppets succeeded in the first place.

Directed by James Bobin
Written by Jason Segel and Nicholas Stroller

Jason Segel as Gary
Amy Adams as Mary
Peter Linz as Walter
Chris Cooper as Tex Richman
Steve Whitmire as Kermit / Beaker / Statler / Rizzo / Link Hogthrob / The Newsman
Eric Jacobson as Miss Piggy / Fozzie Bear / Animal / Sam Eagle / Marvin Suggs
Dave Goelz as Gonzo / Dr. Bunsen Honeydew / Zoot / Beauregard / Waldorf / Kermit Moopet
Bill Barretta as Swedish Chef / Rowlf / Dr. Teeth / Pepe the Prawn / Bobo / Fozzie Moopet
David Rudman as Scooter / Janice / Miss Poogy
Matt Vogel as Sgt. Floyd Pepper / Camilla / Sweetums / 80′s Robot / Lew Zealand / Uncle Deadly / Crazy Harry
Rashida Jones as Veronica Martin
Jack Black as himself
A tonne of celebrities as a tonne of cameos.

When three small towners uncover a plot to destroy the Muppets’ old theatre and replace the retired troupe with "edgey" contemporary namesakes, they get Kermit and the gang together to stand for Muppetry.

How did Henson and company do it? The Muppets combined two things that were hopelessly out of date—-puppets and vaudeville— told dumb jokes, engaged in silly slapstick, and somehow out-hipped the hipsters.

In any case, the new creative team has repeated that success. They understood that changing the essential core Muppetness of the characters wouldn't work. Kermit, Piggy, Gonzo, and the others continue to engage in the old shtick, vaudeville by puppets filtered through someone's hallucinations. Getting the old act together, begging the network for another chance, and, of course, putting on a show, they get laughs far more often than they should.

Take Fozzie the Bear. He has always told bad jokes. Everyone around him trips over themselves to highlight that his jokes are, in fact, not especially funny. Somehow, this manages to be funny. It's still funny. In this film, he even redeems that bane of contemporary kiddie movies, the fart joke. Trust me on this. They have allowed themselves one fart joke, and Fozzie makes it funny.

The Muppets, of course, inhabit a universe somewhere between us and the Loony Tunes. They eat plot logic for breakfast. Things happen because they're funny, not because they're believable. If elementary physics or realistic story-telling gets sacrificed, so much the better. Walter, for example, a Muppet, is brother to Gary, a human being. No one in the film finds this especially odd. Then again, it doesn't bother anyone that Kermit is a frog, or that a fashion magazine has hired a pig as an editor. Characters call attention to tired film conventions; heck, they use tired film conventions to their advantage-- traveling, for example, by dotted line on map to save time. Felt creations can get away with anything. And, while their humor contains a certain comic irreverence, they stop short of being offensive (Jack Black makes one borderline crude crack, and it feels out of place). The Muppets remain earnest in their ridiculousness.

In case we miss the point about keeping the characters basically clean (if cartoon-violent) and silly, we get a subplot (less developed than it should be) about the villain's replacements for the Muppets. Called the "Moopets," their forced edginess and "street" trendiness parody what lesser talents would have done with the franchise.3

The Muppets entertains, but it's very much pop culture, and transitory. For example, Jim Parson's cameo appearance gets laughs, much of them from the actor's performance—but quite a few simply because he is Jim Parsons, echoing (though not slavishly imitating) his Big Bang character.

The film ends with, essentially, an in-joke.

So what? The kids will love the slapstick and shenanigans. Old fans will recall why they liked the Muppets in the first place. The film breaks no new ground (and breaks into one too many musical numbers), but it's an enjoyable family movie, and I laughed out loud a number of times.

And, of course, Kermit reprises "The Rainbow Connection." You are not allowed to be cynical when Kermit sings "The Rainbow Connection."

1. Not to mention John Cleese, Debbie Harry, Johnny Cash, Christopher Reeve, Spike Milligan, Lena Horne, Mummenschanz, Sylvester Stallone....

2. Yes, they had two made-for-television, straight-to-DVD releases in the early 2000s. Hands up if you saw either.

3. Kermit dresses hip in one scene. He wanders Paris in the absurdly out-of-date look of a mid-twentieth century Left Bank bohemian. This looks even funnier than it sounds.

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