Dr. Spock's Backup Band
6/27/92 - Chicago, IL
WXRT Broadcast - Jam Productions - 57 min.

Band: They Might Be Giants

John Flansburgh - Vocals, Guitar, Trumpets
John Linnell - Vocals, Accordion, Keyboards, Baritone Saxophone
J.D. Feinberg - Drums
Kurt Hoffman - Saxophone, Clarinet
Tony Maimone - Bass


01. The Extended Spider Intro
02. I Palindrome I
03. Twisting
04. Particle Man
05. The Guitar
06. The Statue Got Me High
07. She's Actual Size
08. The Famous Polka
09. Nothing's Gonna Change My Clothes
10. Whistling in the Dark
11. 32 Footsteps
12. We Want a Rock
13. Birdhouse in Your Soul
14. Don't Let's Start
15. Dig My Grave
16. Istanbul (Not Constantinople) - Performed duo stylee (John & John), with a freely improvised latter half
17. Kiss Me, Son of God - Performed duo stylee
18. Your Racist Friend
19. Frankenstein - Cover of the song by the Edgar Winter Group
20. Lie Still, Little Bottle - John Linnell on bari sax, John Flansburgh playing two trumpets simultaneously
21. Someone Keeps Moving My Chair

This is a truly fantastic bootleg. The quality is excellent, the live band sound is great (especially since the full band sound was so new for TMBG at the time), and the setlist is superb. This is an essential bootleg for any true Gianthead.
TDK's TMBG site - http://www.theymightbegiants.org
Bootleg obtained from http://www.twistid.com/tmbg

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