Born May 6, 1960 in Lincoln, Massachusetts, John Flansburgh is one half of They Might Be Giants. He founded that band in 1982 with John Linnel. A talented song writer and multi instrumentalist, Flansburgh (also known as Flansy or Flans) plays rhythm guitar, bass, percussion, and trumpet (amongst many many other things).

As TMBG, Flansburgh has achieved much commercial and critical success in his thirty years with that band, with 15 full releases and pioneering in telephony technology with Dial-A-Song. His other band, Mono Puff, recorded two albums in the 1990s. 

Flansburgh has directed music videos for Soul Coughing, Ben Folds Five, Frank Black and the Catholics, Harvey Danger, and Jonathan Coulton. He also produced Coulton's 2004 release Artificial Heart.

In 2007 Flansburgh ventured into voice acting as The Computer on Adult Swim's Xavier: Renegade Angel.

Flansburgh is a lefty and mainly plays a Gibson ES-335.

He is married to musician Robin Goldwasser (who has appeared on some TMBG and Mono Puff tracks). They make their home in Brooklyn.

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