Nursery Rhyme Metanode

You will notice that some of them have different titles, but are the exact same thing. Sometimes the original title is hard to find.


All Around the Mulberry Bush
An Apple A Day
The Ants Go Marching
As I Was Going to St. Ives
As I Went Over Lincoln Bridge
As I Went To Bonner


Baa, Baa, Black Sheep
Barber, Barber, Shave a Pig
Bat, Bat, Come Under My Hat
Bell Horses
Birds of a Feather
Bobby Shaftoe
Bum, Bum, Baily O!
Burnie Bee


A Cat Came Fiddling
Cobbler Mend My Shoe
The Cock Doth Crow
Cold North Wind Doth Blow
Come to the Window
Curly Locks, Curly Locks
Cut Thistles in May


Daffy Down Dilly
Dance to Your Daddy
Dickery Dickery Dare
Diddle, Diddle, Dumpling
A Diller, A Dollar
Ding, Dong, Bell
Doctor Foster


Elsie Marley's Grown So Fine
Eencey Weencey Spider


The Farmer in the Dell
Fee! Fi! Fo! Fum!
Fiddle Dee Dee
Fish Story
Five Little Pigs
Four Stiff Standers


Georgie Porgie
Go To Bed, Tom
Good Night, Sleep Tight
Goosey, Goosey Gander
Grandma's Spectacles
Gray Goose and Gander
Green Cheese


Hark! Hark! The Dogs Do Bark
Hart Loves the High Wood
Here We Go Mulberry Bush
Hey Diddle Diddle
Hickory Dickory Dock
Higglety, Pigglety
High in the Pine Tree
Hokey Pokey
Hot Cross Buns
The House That Jack Built
How Many Miles to Babylon?
Humpty Dumpty
Hush A Bye Baby
Hush Little Baby


I Am a Pretty Little Dutch Girl
I Do Not Like Thee Doctor Fell
I Don't Want to Go to Mexico
I Had a Little Nut Tree
I Love Little Pussy
I Saw a Ship a Sailing
I See the Moon
Ice Cream
Ice Cream, A Penny a Lump
If All the World Were Paper
In Marble Walls
In Spring I Look Gay
It's Raining, It's Pouring
I've Been Working on the Railroad


Jack and Jill
Jack Be Nimble
Jack Sprat
Jerry Hall
John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt


King Boggen
Knick, Knack, Paddy Whack


Ladybug! Ladybug!
The Lion and the Unicorn
Little Bo Peep
Little Boy Blue
Little Bunny Foo Foo
Little Jack Horner
Little Miss Muffet
Little Nancy Etticoat
Little Poll Parrot
Little Polly Flinders
Little Robin (sat upon a rail)
Little Robin (sat upon a tree)
Little Tommy Tittlemouse
London Bridge is Falling Down


The Man in the Moon
A Man in the Wilderness
Mary Had a Little Lamb
Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary
Michael Row Your Boat Ashore
Monday's Child
Mother May I Go Out To Swim
My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean


The north wind doth blow


Oh Dear
Old King Cole
Old Mother Goose
Old Mother Hubbard
On Top of Old Smokey
On Top of Spagetti
One for Sorrow
One For the Mouse
One Misty, Moisty Morning
One To Make Ready
One Two, Buckle My Shoe
Over the River


Pat-A-Cake Pat-A-Cake
Peter, Peter, Pumkin Eater
Polly, Put the Kettle On
Pop! Goes the Weasel


The Queen of Hearts


Ride a Cock Horse
Riddle Me
Ring Around the Roses
Row, Row, Row Your Boat
Round and round the garden


Sailing, Sailing
See, Saw, Marjorie Daw
See, Saw, Sacradown
See, See!
She'll Be Comin'... Mountain
A Shoemaker Makes Shoes
Simple Simon
Sing a Song of Sixpence
Sippity Sippity Sup
Six Little Mice
Skip to My Lou
Sleep, Baby, Sleep
Smiling Girls, Rosy Boys
Solomon Grundy
Star Light, Star Bright
Swan Swam Over the Sea
A Swarm of Bees in May


Taffy Was a Welshman
Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear
Ten Little Indians
There Was A Crooked Man
There Was A Little Turtle
There Was An Old Maid
There Was An Old Crow
There Was Woman... A Blanket
There Was Woman... In A Shoe
The Little Froggy
This Little Piggy
This Old Man
Three Blind Mice
Three Grey Geese
Three Little Indians
Three Little Kittens
Three Wise Men of Gotham
Three Young Rats
Tinker, Tailor
To Bed, To Bed
To Market, To Market
Tom, Tom, The Piper's Son
Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star


Upstairs, Downstairs


Vintery, Mintery...


Wee Willie Winkie
What Are Little Boys Made Of
What Are Little Girls Made Of
What Did I Dream?
When A Little Tiny Boy
Where is Thumbkin?
A Wise Old Owl


X, Y and Tumbledown Z


Yankee Doodle


Zum Gali Gali Gali

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