Round and round the garden is a traditional rhyme that is hard to source - it has been around for so long. And I have to say, that I cannot explain why going round a garden is like a teddy bear, even though this was one of my favourites rhymes. What I do know, is that now it is one of Dirquar's favourite. Admittedly, any rhyme that ends up in him being tickled is amongst his favourites.

Round and round the garden
Like a teddy bear.

Hold the baby's hand face up in your hand. Trace a circle around the palm as you say these two lines.

One step.
Jump your finger into the elbow fold (this is quite a sensitive spot too).

Two steps.
Jump your finger onto the baby's shoulder, while ever so slightly raising the hand up and out, giving better access to the baby's underarm (important for the next step). These two lines are all about suspense, talking should be slow and ready to pounce.

Tickly under there!!
Pounce! And tickle baby's underarm, or under the chin, or anywhere else that brings fits of laughter.

At six months, Dirquar gets a big grin when we start "Round and round" now, and laughs and laughs by the end.

There is at least one other version of words for this 'tune' using the same actions:

Can you keep a secret?
I don't suppose you can.

Mustn't smile.
Mustn't laugh.

But do the best you can!

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