inspired by The Great Grand E2 Book Lotto

here's the deal:

after reading The Art of The Mix Tape by Chihuahua Grub, i got the itch to make mix tapes again, something i haven't done in nearly 2 years! say it ain't so! yes it's true, the shame, the shame.

this is where YOU come in. i have mix tapes! you want mix tapes! it's a match made in heaven!

the rules are simple:


    yes, in the past you could just add your own WU offering tapes, but the node got too big. the man came in and threatened to shut the whole thing down if it wasn't cleaned up.

  • if you want to offer mix-tapes then either /msg me or email me(address always in homenode) with all the relavent info(i strongly prefer an email with the text already e2 formatted). i will maintain a list of noders offering tapes along with a little info from them about their offerings. for now i'm not imposing many restrictions on content size, but beware, i may start trimming if we ever hit the 32k barrier.
  • at any time if you want to modify/remove your mix-tape offering, again /msg or email me.
  • if you only want mix-tapes...then you're a selfish bastard! er, i mean, to get mixtapes out of this simply /msg or otherwise contact whoever you want a tape from.
  • this can work like the book lotto where you pass the tape on to another user in want, or you can keep it for your greedy self, or send it to a random user in the Everything Mailing Address Registry, etc.
  • any other suggestions? TELL ME

Noders Offering Tapes:

cody (well of course i'm offering them)

tapes i've made:

a new round of mixes will be offered up at the end of the semester.


Soundtrack for The Melancholy Mile

These are songs that are my personal soundtrack for this moment in time. These are the songs that heighten the mood of The Melancholy Mile. These are the songs that, for me, work at this time. This is not the soundtrack to your life, this is the soundtrack to mine.


Tape/CD/MD, Leeds, UK, Rock/Funk/Metal/Punk/Ska/Electornica

dem bones

you can put me on the list as a giver of mixed cd's of my own mixin - Saturday Night at the Park is a 3 disc set and Smack, Snapple and Pop is one... more to come soon.


a mix of british progressive, grunge, mellow and heavy stuff. and stuff. yay.


...Currently Working On...
A mix for rio, and some of the various ideas listed below.


  • Cheese for Courtney - Christian punk, ska, and pop/CCM
  • Cheese for Tom - Punk rock and ska, lots of energy.
    Tom says: "you make a mean mix. Giving it my first listen, I've gotten to song 5 before I had to say. ME LIKES! Thanks."
  • Cheese for Dann - Christian pop/CCM/Rock/Alternative/Punk/Ska. Also sent to: VT_hawkeye, and Quizro.


  • Soundtrack To An Empty Room - This tape gets it's name from Soundcheck by Less Than Jake?which is the first, and only secular, song on the mix. The theme, which also comes from Soundcheck, is comforting/uplifting music. It's got a lot of MxPx, Five Iron Frenzy, and Supertones.
  • Fun Music - That might not be the final name. Just an idea right now. Fun, energetic, songs that make you "bounce". (In a Millencolin "Story of my Life" video kind of way, not a "I'm a badass gangsta" kind of way). Anyway, songs like "No Action" by MxPx and "Fox" by Millencolin, the lyrics don't really matter, as long as they don't make you think or feel. The object of this tape is to just have fun.
  • Nothing Takes the Taste out of Peanut Butter Quite Like Unrequited Love - A mix of love songs, will undoubtable have a whole helluva lot of MxPx. The first song will be Let It Happen.


  • Xamot's Superman Cannot Save This Mix. Pretty cool, a lot of stuff I haven't heard before.
  • crux's Ska: It's What's for Dinner. Good stuff, he even ends it with one of my favorite songs.
  • Looking forward to mixes from VT_hawkeye and rio.

  • Crux

    Trades made:

    • Xamot: Ska: It's What's For Dinner for Synaptic Response

    Working on some gigantic 2 CD set of like, everything for Chihuahua Grub.



    I too will make one of several mixes for your listening "entertainment". 'twill be burned upon one of Her Majesty's Finest Compact Discs1 and will run at around 70 to 80 minutes.

    /msg me or email if you want one...

    Oooh, I bet you're just itching2 for one...

    (1) This CD not endorsed by the Royal Family of Great Britain. Not even Sarah Ferguson. (and, just in case you're thinking I'm a brit and you're a yank and you don't want me to send a CD across the atlantic, think again, I live in Michigan.

    (2) well, I would. Itch that is. Anyone have some cortisone cream?


    I like making mix tapes, too!

    I just love bothering people with my taste in music(my neighbour could tell you all the sordid details...).

    I'm not telling what will be on it. You can search my writeups if you want clues! So if you like to be surprised /msg me. The tape will be on its way shortly.

    And please, if you wish to bother me in return, go ahead! My taste can always use some refreshing new input.

    Lost and Found

    see: Lost and Found: A bipolar double mix cd compilation : dinner music for your head : cold streets and breakbeats


    I have music.


    Here's the poop.

    In an effort to attain maximal dissemination of Music He Likes, Pseudo_Intellectual has adopted a perhaps interesting mix tape policy. Playlists and the nigh-entirety of the contents of all of his mixes are mirrored in a (regrettably unsuitable for Everything Radio broadcast) directory.

    When you get a mix from him, you should also be issued the username and password to this directory. (If you haven't been, make some noise and he'll remedy that!) What this means is that when you get one tape, you're given a magic ticket to the locker containing the MP3s constituting all of them. If you enjoyed the mix but could have lived without some of the songs, here's the source - slurp down the file you want and trash the rest. Alternately, if you liked yours, you may be outraged to find that you enjoy the one I gave to another more. How dare I put your favourite song on their tape? Surely I can hope to accomplish no more than a little outrage and indignation in my time.

    Mixes (track listings and artist/album information mirrored here on e2) available at the myplay locker (both as entire mixes and on a track-by-track basis) include:(ul)

  • 60-minutes:
  • 90-minutes:
  • The beauty of this arrangement is that if you ask nice-like, not only can p_i dub you a copy of any of these mixes - but anyone with a fast connection who he has sent a prior mix to can as well.

    P_I will still do trades of these and new mixes, at least two of which are in the works (at least one of which concerns the glories and most heinous excesses of tracked .MODule format music and the demoscene.) Keep your eyes and ears here for further postings. That is all.


    Okay darlinks, until such time as I get my most fantastic whizbang spacey stereo back from Melbourne, I can only make MiniDiscs. So all the funky little humans who have MD players (we’re a certain breed), come talk to me. We shall swap! I actually like being conceptual or thematic when it comes to making mixes, so I want you to specify what you want the MD for!! Examples:


    I love love love Air, Herbie Hancock, Miles Davis, TOOL, Jeff Buckley, the Dandy Warhols, P.J. Harvey, Milla Jovovich, Heart (seventies, not eighties!), Portishead, Blondie, Autechre, Aphex Twin, Marilyn Manson, Pizzicato 5, Poe, Massive Attack, Prodigy, Radiohead, Sloan, Todd Rundgren, The Doors, Lenny Kravitz (when he uses his talent), Velvet Underground, Brian Eno (old school Brian Eno, not new Brian Eno), Erik Satie, Frank Sinatra and then of course soundtracks and scores like the Go soundtrack, the Dirty Dancing soundtrack, The Virgin Suicides soundtrack, the Great Expectations soundtrack, the My Girl soundtrack and the Reality Bites soundtrack. Oooh and Fight Club! And then just single, nifty songs by artists I otherwise hate (or just don’t like), like Fiona Apple, Lamb, Tori Amos, 10CC, the Beastie Boys, Johnny Cash, Jamiroquai, Beth Orton, Ani Difranco, Bjork, etc!!!!! haha, and Jordy, that little french kid! Aahhaha. Ooooh so much I can’t write them all!

    Oh yeah and PS you better let me into your brain somehow in return.


    Check my home page ( for my tracklists, or I'll mix up a special disc just for you!


    V/A Comp. 4/20 #1

    Alex Chilton - The Replacements
    Axilla - Phish
    Rock The Casbah - The Clash
    Life During Wartime - Talking Heads
    It¥s The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine) - REM
    Where Is My Mind - Pixies
    The Ocean - Led Zepplin
    The Wasp (Texas Radio and The Big Beat) - The Doors
    Rascist Friend - The Special AKA
    Till The End of the World - Nick Cave
    Clubland - Elvis Costello
    Live and Let Die - Sex Mob
    Quicksand - David Bowie
    Shoehorn With Teeth - They Might Be Giants
    All I Want Is You - U2
    Innocent When You Dream - Tom Waits
    A Chicken Ain¥t Nothin¥ But A Bird - Cab Calloway
    Mother Nature¥s Son - Beatles
    Bring On The Night - The Police
    Peter Gunn - Dick Dale
    Message To Earthman - Sun Ra

    V/A Comp. April 20th #3 (number one tracks - made from only the leadoff tracks of CDs)

    Are Youn Hung Up? - Frank Zappa
    Birth-Day (Love Made Real) - Suzzane Vega
    Clandestino - Manu Chao
    Devil¥s Haircut - Beck
    Good Times, Bad Times - Led Zepplin
    Julius - Phish
    Legalize It - Peter Tosh
    Little Willie Leaps - Charlie Parker
    Move On Up - Curtis Mayfield
    On The Sunny Side Of The Street - Dizzy Gillespi, Sonny Stitt, Sonny Rollins
    One - Amiee Mann
    Peaches En Regalia - Frank Zappa
    Rainy Day Women #10 & 35 - Bob Dylan
    Smells Like Teen Spirit - Nirvanna
    Stay On The Left Side - Cornershop
    Synchronicity - The Police
    The Girl From Impanema - Stan Getz, Joao Gilberto
    Tubthumping - Chumbawumba
    Untouchable Face - Ani Difranco
    U.S. Blues - Grateful DEad
    What¥s Going On - Marvin Gaye

    V/A Comp. 4.20 #4

    Leavin¥ - Shelby Lynne
    97 Bonnie and Clyde - Tori Amos
    Hands Clean - Alaniss Morissete
    Body And SOul - Sarah Vaughn
    Rosie - Joan Armatrading
    Kosmic Blues - Janis Joplin
    Down By The Water - PJ Harvey
    Soul On Ice - Me¥shell Ndege¥ocello
    Tonight¥s The Night - Neil Young
    Big Yellow Taxi - Joni Mitchell
    Show Me Your SOul - Red Hot Chilli Peppers
    Thorn In My Side - Eurythmics
    Brazil - 8 1/2 Souviniers
    Wild Mountain Honey - Steve Miller Band
    Khomeni Died Tonight - Bongwater
    Twisted - Lambert, Hendricks & Ross
    Kookies Mad Pad - Edd "Kookie" Byrnes
    unknown tune - Bob Dylan
    And Your Bird Can Sing - Beatles
    Jesus Left Chicago - ZZ Top
    Devil Suit - Bill Frisell
    Change - Fishbone

    Noders Also Offering Fine Mix-Tapes But Their WU Text Just Hasn't Been Submitted Yet:

    Phyllis Stein

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