I am that girl that always has guys all over her. You knew her through high school, probably actually more by reputation. Everyone always thinks to themselves: “How does she do it? She isn’t that pretty or interesting”. And they are right, I’m not. If I were a character in the Sims 2 then I would be set in the love aspiration. There are names for people like me, and most of them aren’t very nice. Still, you’ve always wanted to know what it was, so you could use this immeasurable power for good instead of evil. So here it is: just remember that there are just as many social repercussions as there are benefits.

Warning: This isn’t ‘The Girls Guide on getting THE Guy’. This is simply a way to get a lot of them. It perhaps takes more work to go after one particular person that you’ve been fond of than making yourself extremely appealing to the general population of males.

The Girls Guide on Getting Guys

  • Have the right personality
    • It takes a certain type of girl to pull this off. You need to be gentle, sweet, and a little bit of a sociopath. Having really low self confidence can help out here too. It makes sense: You need something to fill that void.
    • Lose the girlfriends
      • You shouldn’t have many friends. If you have friends they should be male. One or two super amazing female bests can stick around, but they will learn to despise you soon enough. After a while you will learn that the best friends are nice ex-boyfriends or guys that have been after you for a long while. The latter type will be the ones that will claim to be ‘over you’ but will probably love you for the rest of their lives. Having mostly guy friends lets you into their lives, teaches you how they think. Besides, they are more likely to fall for the girl that’s been their friend the whole time.
  • Don't be ugly
    • You can't be drop dead gorgeous for this. You need to have the 'girl next door' feel to you. If you are one of those drop dead gorgeous girls, find a way to look homely and not too sexy. Him realizing that he can see the beauty underneath what he would consider 'shallow' will make him fall for you extremely fast. You have to be just attractive enough to have a certain look. Which brings me to my next point:
  • Be a bit strange
    • Have something a guy can get used to, like a quirk. Them liking you for your strange smile or way you crinkle your nose somehow fools them into thinking that they love you. Your adorable individuality can be repulsive or absolutely irresistible. It is most often the latter. Also, remember you have to set apart from the other girls. Supposedly you aren't like one of those untouchable supermodels that they would normally be drooling over, you are the jewel in the rough. Your subtle individuality makes them feel like they know the 'real' you, not someone fake.
  • Do not research on their interests
    • You don't have to be into their stuff, necessarily. Yes, it would be nice if you guys have stuff in common, but its not a must. Hanging out with the guys (since they are your only friends) could be beneficial because they will teach you how to keep up with their interests. For example: your new friends are skateboarders. In order to hang out with them, they will have to teach you how at some point. Not knowing how to do this in the first place will ensure that your segregated just enough for them to remember that you are a girl. This pretty much cures the 'I'm just one of the guys syndrome'. It also looks like you are just fun loving enough to be themselves with. Guys like girls they aren't nervous around.
  • Be good at your own things.
    • You absolutely can not let this be your life. Yes, keeping track of your love life will be difficult enough, but don't let it be the only thing you are good at. Be good at sports, school, and whatever hobbies you do. It is good for your psyche but also, it allows you to have some level of respectability. People won't peg you off as some boy crazy preteen, and guys will have more of a reason to like you. If you look like someone just trying to get people to love you, more people will avoid you for fear of being tricked. You can't be someone that boys will be embarrassed being with.
  • Have the right amount of confidence
    • This is important. You can't look like the kind of girl that all guys would fall for. You can't be 'out there'. You need to be just shy enough to look pleasant but just outgoing enough to be conversational. If you are too shy then you won't attract anyone because they will fear intimidating you. If you are too outgoing you are going to scare away people that think you are too popular for them. Approachable is the key here. Also, try not to be shrill.
  • Learn how to flirt innocently.
    • This is important in making the transition between friend to love interest. You shouldn't even realize that you are doing it. This way, your flirting won't be blatantly obvious yet guys will somehow like you without even knowing why. (when guys have uninexplainble interest in someone, they think they love them) Also, later when you have a boyfriend, you can say that you didn't realize that you were flirting with another guy. Flirting innocently is easy.
      • When you do stupid stuff, smile at yourself
      • Don't be afraid of having a weird laugh
      • Be there to console them when they are feeling down. Complement them in a way that lets them believe that you see whats special about them. You can show that you care yet are being sincere
      • Let them be there when you are down. Giving you a hug when you are crying is a sign that he cares about you. It will even make him realize that he cares more about your well being than he thinks he does. (Don't fake being upset for the purpose of flirting. It will backfire)
      • Use touch. Don't hold hands or anything, but make sure there is enough contact to make them nervous. For example: give them a light push when they are making fun of you. Touch their arm when you want their attention. Sometimes, if they are strong, I would surprise them by jumping on their backs for a piggyback ride. You get the idea.
      • Joke about liking them, or what you would do if he was, 'your guy'
      • Joke with him
  • Learn to understand personality flaws
    • Deep down, all guys just want to feel like they are worthy. Even the extremely pompous males we known have some sort of confidence issue. To some extent, they will rely on you to boost their confidence. If you understand why they keep you around, it will give you some leverage on them. Boys with low self esteem are more likely to fall in love with girls like this because you know how to make them feel good about themselves. Of course the ones with more confidence are harder to catch this way, but once you've had enough experience with this you will know exactly how to work someone.
  • You aren't allowed to be satisfied in a relationship.....
    • ... if you want to have a lot of guys. Be always looking. The guys closest to you are normally the next in line. This is because they will always complain that, "if I were your boyfriend, I would treat you so much better than that". You seem more untouchable if you have a boyfriend. Also, you will seem like you have a bit more 'street cred' if some other guy is willing to call you his girlfriend. If you cheat on your current boyfriend for someone else, they will feel honored that you think they are better than someone else. Guys like feeling like they are better than someone else. If you aren't satisfied in your relationship, then you will feel morally justified in cheating on him.
  • Learn how to cheat gracefully
    • I don't know how to do this exactly, but out of the 20 or so boyfriends I've had in the past four years, only three of them have ended on bad terms. You need your ex-boyfriends to be your friends. You know you won't be considering them for boyfriend material because you've been there already, but you will still have someone you trust to talk to. Also, If your exes don't talk smack, you won't get as bad of a reputation. You might be asking why you would need to cheat in the first place. Well, its the easiest way to move from one relationship to another. They definitely aren't going to break up with you (because you will be considered god's gift to men), so you need to go out and find someone else. If you end a relationship abruptly like this, the ex boyfriend will still love you and shower you with affection (that you will use to fill that void that I mentioned earlier), while you can still experience the passion of a new fresh and untainted relationship.
  • Withhold your chasity
    • You can't be easy. Having a lot of boyfriends and sleeping around equates to being a slut. You need a certain amount of respectibility. Don't be a prude either. (Its a fine balance. A good way to solve this is to ensure that ex boyfriends won't talk smack, as mentioned earlier)
There is certainly more to this. The most important thing, however, is having the right heart. The only reason anyone would go so out of their way to be so available and appear so perfect for any particular person is if they had a need for love and affection only found when someone is completely smitten. New love is addicting, and its one of the only reasons to stick with this incredibly destructive way to live. Friendships are never stable, and you won’t know who to trust in life. Perfect relationship syndrome will at some point destroy most of your relationships. As much as I don’t recommend this, something must be said about how it's done.

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