Home Plate
                         /   \
                       /       \
                     /           \
                   /               \
                 /                   \
               /                       \
          Kissing         (=)     "Heavy Petting"
               \                       /
                 \                   /
                   \               /
                     \           /
                       \       /
                         \   /
                      "Feeling up"  

                      HOME RUN!
           (Getting laid)

Most troops don't even make it off the plate...
If you are young enough to use bases, then you have probably never made a "home run" with anyone.

See Also: First base, Second base, Third Base, Home Run
I was always of the mind frame that a person could trace the bases as such:

     (   ='6-,        
    _)  ) ,_=   -- first base      
   (,   /\ \         
  (,   | |--) ---- second base   
   (,  |: ;/     
    `-'\| (     
      /(/--; ----- third base/home run      
Now I think we can use our imagination as to the difference between third base and home.

A series of American Idiom derived from baseball. Used primarily by teen and pre-teen boys to indicate what they have done with their female date. The following is the standard list although there are variations.

first base: kissing

second base: touching the girl's breasts (some would define this as kissing with tongues instead)

third base: touching the girl's genitals or putting hand under panties (some in this hedonistic age would define this as oral sex)

home run / fourth base: having sex.

This is how one of my best friends described almost losing his virginity:

Okay, I'm caught in a rundown between third and home. My girlfriend is the catcher, and I'm waiting for her to drop the ball so I can slide on in. Of course, her father is the third baseman with a mitt in one hand and a rifle in the other, and the third base coach is standing there saying, ' I told you not to go!' Then they called the game: rain.

Probably the best/shortest explanation of this analogy that I have heard is "The Four Fs": "French", "Fondle", "Finger", "Fuck". This corresponds directly to each base in masukomi's writeup above:

  1. French: refers directly to French Kissing, but more generally to all sorts of kissing, hand holding, and the like
  2. Fondle: cuddling, spooning, feel up, among other things
  3. Finger: fingering, mutual masturbation, oral sex
  4. Fuck: is any explanation necessary?
Right, I think I just heard my purity test score drop through the floor...

(yes, this writeup is very uncharacteristic of me; I was shocked when I visited this node that there wasn't already a "four Fs" writeup here, which with the vast depth and breadth of sex-related content on e2, so what could I do but throw in my two cents?)

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