It is a given for teenagers to have strong hormonal urges. It is a given for most teenagers to act upon those urges. And it is a given for those teenagers who have strong hormonal urges and act upon them to get thrown into embarrassing situations on various occasions. So it was with a friend of mine (he's the guy in the story), and so it is around the country, and this is one of many stories.

His house. After school. Typical time for youth in heat to find an excuse to clumsily rub their inexperienced bodies all over one another. Jane and Jon, as we'll call them, for the sake of humility, were right in the middle of it. Their third week going out. Their fourth time at his house for a make out session before the family came home. The perfect time to make a try for second base.

Thinking himself stealthy, but really very obvious, Jon gently "brushed" Jane's chest while they were in the midst of their afternoon romp. Jane, as opposed to being a prude like Jon suspected from all the porn stories he read actually told him to "touch my (her) tits." Well, so much for the subtle approach. But Jon got what he wanted in the end. Second base.

He did so gently at first, but liked what he felt (this was actually his first time) and so he began to get more... aggressive. It got to the point where Jane didn't like it and told him to loosen his grip, and not being a date-rapist like the majority of male teen society, Jon obliged....

...And was met with a loud scream. He was about to ask what had happened, when he was met with an answer. His fingers were soaking wet, and so was Jane's blouse. And one breast now looked bigger than the other, he noted. Jon's first inclination - was one of horror - he thought he had literally popped a tit. He was horrified. But that fear was assuaged, only to bring upon another situation:

"You popped my water-bra."

Jane's words had pretty much summed up the situation. Jon had somehow in the act of releasing Jane's sore breasts had managed to burst her water-bra. Not nearly as bad as having a tit popped, if such a thing is possible, but it left them in quite a predicament. Jane was at Jon's house. Her blouse was soiled. Jon's parents were going to be home within thirty minutes. This was going to be a problem.

Unfortunately, this is true story, so there is no crazy ending, even though I can think of quite a few. Jane knew that if she wore one of Jon's shirts her parents would question her. So she went home - like that, apparently with her left tit quite on display, though I suppose she walked cross-armed - that's what most girls do when they're exposed, but I was never informed about that. Anyway, when she got home, she simply told her parents she had gotten hit with a water balloon walking home from school. Her parents were a little suspicious, but nothing crazy resulted.

As for Jon and Jane? They broke up a while ago, but not because of the water-bra disaster. They lasted a few months longer and from what Jon has told me their relationship was... hormonally soothing while it lasted. And some valuable lessons were learned from the experience - Jane shall henceforth never wear a water-bra and for the rest of his adult days Jon will never get too excited when touching a woman's breasts - she just might make him wet. yes, i know i deserve to be shot for that...

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