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I have not been an active noder, or even spent much time on e2 for several years now. I occasionally log in, so if you leave a message I'll get it eventually. If you need to contact me for some urgent reason, you could try reaching me through czeano, who knows me from meatspace and can get a hold of me quickly. -- Cheers.

Welcome to Qeyser's home node.

10/2001: Yes, my name used to be spelled qeyser. No, I have no idea how this happened. Yes, I'm comfortable with that. I am enlightened.

These are the nodeshells I know, I know, these are the nodeshells I know:

Wow I should really put something more interesting here.

Like, for instance, my ever growing list of personal noder friends and heroes: C-Dawg for his relentless pursuit of grammar, cbustapeck for pegging the needle in his plymouth voyager, enth and radlab0 for their science, Jurph for holding his groove -- alex.tan for his factual neuro nodes -- the flowing river of fact that is wertperch -- ailie (for suggesting the beautiful and minimalist ekw theme) -- the ever patient and prolific czeano -- and finally my robot lord and master, wharfinger, who nuked my very first node ever (because it sucked) and who has since inspired me to have a great big raging five-alarm hard-on for quality. thank you all