While cake, cookies, and pie were never really good for your body - your soul's another story - they can now be good for someone else's. Us Ninjagirls stick together and when one of our own has to stand up to something big and scary, we rally behind her. E2's own Amazon grundoon is busy giving breast cancer the old "up yours" in a very direct way. You can help by giving it the old "up yours" in an indirect and delicious way. Just by spending some of your hard earned money on a box of home-baked treats (that you don't have time to make yourself, anyway), you will be helping scientists and other fine folks learn what causes breast cancer, how to fight it more effectively, and maybe even how to cure it. That's right, partial proceeds from this sale will be supporting breast cancer research. As an added bonus, part of the proceeds will also go to help Dem Bones get the implants he's always wanted. Oops, typo. I meant you'll help e2 eke out another month of survival.

This bake sale will be happening simultaneously in the US and the UK and Australia and the Canada, so FOUR different charities apply. In the US, your consumption of delicious baked treats will support the Y-ME National Breast Cancer Organization (www.y-me.org), in the UK, your sweet tooth will help fund Breakthrough (www.breakthrough.org.uk), in AU, your dough for dough will bolster the efforts of the National Breast Cancer Foundation (www.nbcf.org.au), and in the Canada, treats will fund Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation (http://www.cbcf.org/). To get an idea of the kind of research your donation supports, check this out.

Because the Amazon bakesale is not just about cookies, cakes, and pie (ba-dump), we hope you won't mind doing things a little differently when it comes time to ante up. US’ers will be sending their payments to our official treasurer Lometa, Brits (and continentals) will be sending their payments to our other official treasurer The Debutante, folks in Australia will direct their payments to official treasurer heppigirl, and those in the Canada will direct funds to honorary Ninjagirl WaldemarExkul. At the end of the bakesale, each of these lovely ladies will then divide the funds they have collected, sending half to the aforementioned breast cancer charities and half to the good folks who keep e2 running.

So. If you want to be a baker like us, message me. And, when you know what you want, please send a message to me (if you're in the US or Australia) or The Debutante (if you're in the UK) OR WaldemarExkul IF YOU'RE IN CANADA. We will be keeping tabs and you will then shortly receive more info on payment.

Prices are as follows:

For those in the US, $12 will buy a batch of decadent brownies, a homemade pie or a dozen crunchy or chewy cookies made by a real, live Ninjagirl.

For those in the UK, £6.50 will get you a parcel filled to the brim with the aforementioned goodies.

For those in Australia, $16 will buy a batch of something nice, a pie full of something nice, or maybe even something crunchy.

NEW: In the Canada, $15 will buy a tasty treat!

Please note: The secret ingredient is love, but unlike love, supplies are not never-ending. Each Ninjagirl who participates has pledged a certain number of batches of their specialties. If you really want some of Lo's famous kisses, but all the batches are taken, you may have to settle for something else. The sale will end on May 11 and all the usual restrictions apply. Baked goods may contain nuts.

UPDATE: Tomorrow, May 11, marks the end of the bakesale. If you want to buy something, do it soon, before it's too late! If you have already bought something, don't forget to send a message to your baker, especially if it's a built-to-order item. And thanks to everyone who gave time, baked goods, or money to make this a success!


  • From me:
    • One batch of the too-gooey but provocatively (and practically) named Sex Brownies
      Taken by wordnerd
    • One girlie heart-shaped tin of cinnamon and shortbread jam squares
      (taken by JohnnyGoodyear BUT still available because he is re-donating them to the cause!)
      Taken by jrn
  • From exceptinsects:
    • Two One batches of design-your-own cookies: pick any combination of oatmeal, chocolate chips, any dried fruit, and/or any nuts you like (as long as I can get them at Trader Joe's). For example: oatmeal-pecan-apricot-cranberry orchocolate-chip-hazelnut or oatmeal-coconut-banana
      The first batch (chocolatey-gingery type biscuits) is going to a secret recipient from a secret buyer!
  • From indigoe:
    • Two batches of her tasty oatmeal chocolate chip peanut-buttery biscuit cookie goodness type-things for the bake sale (with strategically-placed chocolate nipples!)
      Trainman has taken the first batch
  • From the lovely wife of DejaMorgana:
    • One batch of high octane coffee-cocoa brownies
      Claimed by olmanrvr
    • One batch of hazelnut crinkles
  • From scribe
    • Two batches of old fashioned Chocolate Chip cookies
  • From Maylith
    • One batch of lemon ginger cookies
    • Two Gembertaart (Ginger cake -- really a bread; 2 small loaves per batch)
    • One batch of Gembertaart (3 small loaves)
    • One batch Chocolate-Peppermint Pinwheel Cookies
      Snagged by mkb
    • One batch Chocolate-dipped Toile cookiesTaken by exceptinsects
    • One batch of home-made bran flake cold breakfast cereal. (Only for the brave!)
    • **Also for sale, if you don't like sweets, is one cheerful greeting card, with a small but extremely tacky item tucked inside (suitable for all ages)
  • From honorary ninjagirl The Big See:
    • One batch of drunken brownies - they're made with Baileys!


  • From squeezie:
    • One batch of buttery shortbread
  • From Cool Beans:
    • Two One batches of mini-individual carrot cakes with mandarin icing!
      The first goes to OzPil!
  • From Pandora:
    • One batch of devine death by dark chocolate - decadent Vegan chocolate cookies
      Taken by Wntrmute
  • From honorary Ninjagirl Lord Matthius:
    • Three mean (and delicious) batches of peanut butter cookies


  • From heppigirl:
    • Three Two batches of awesome Mars Bar slices
      First go to Typhen
  • From Taliesin's Muse:
    • Two one batches of itty bitty chocolate-dipped one-boobed gingerbread bears
      And BlackPawn makes the first Aussie purchase!


  • From Demeter:
    • FIVE (!) batches of neenish tarts
    • Two chocolate brandy cakes that are big enough for family


  • From honorary Ninjagirl WaldemarExkul:
    • Two batches of cardamom almond cookies
    • One marble pound cake

$25.00 - JohnnyGoodyear
$12.00 – Wiccanpiper
$25.00 - olmanrvr
$24.00 - dg
$25.00 - Junkill
$12.00 – Scriblerus
$100.00 - dutchess
$24.00 - wordnerd
$12.00 - mkb
$12.00 - Transitional Man
$48.00 - No Springs
$12.00 - exceptinsects
$25.00 - avalyn
$25.00 - Trainman
$12.00 - DejaMorgana
$24.00 - Kensey
$ 392.00 - Final Sub Total 06/09/2005
Donations received by The Debutante: £45.50
Donations received by heppigirl: $32
Donations given by WaldemarExkul: $45

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