Do you like cereal?

When I came to my mom's house today I was greeted with a menacing look and a severe admonishment: "LaggedyAnne," she said rather sternly, "Don't go anywhere near my tiger bites."

Tiger bites? Sounds gruesome and zoological. But then I saw them.

There they were, little dessert treats cooling on a plate in the kitchen. Caramel in color, marshmallow in scent, stacked in a pyramid just begging me to try one. I had to taste one, FOR THE GOOD OF E2!

So tiger bites are these great little cereal treats. Sort of like Rice Krispies Treats only with Frosted Flakes. Get it? Tiger Bites, Tony the Tiger? As in "They're G-R-R-EAT!" They're even made with peanut butter! Bless you, George Washington Carver! Want to make some? I knew you would.

You will need:

So here's what you do:

  1. Melt the marshmallows with the butter either in the microwave (for 3 minutes, stirring occasionally) or on the stove (in a saucepan over low heat).
  2. Stir in the peanut butter and mix, mix, mix!
  3. Add the cerealand mix some more!
  4. Take your goopy, gooey, magnificent concoction and press it into the pan. Not too hard, but you know... hard enough.
  5. Let it cool and when it does, slice it into squares or hearts or diamonds or whatever floats your boat.

That's it. Takes about half an hour from start to finish. And they're good. Really, really good.

I was shocked to find out the recipe came from Kellogg's website. They're listed as "Tony's Tiger Bites."

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