Fruity Pebble treats are much the same as Rice Krispies Treats in that they are basically made from marshmallows and the rice-like cereal that comes in the Fruity Pebbles cereal. The difference is that with the Fruity Pebbles the result is much sweeter and offers a sinfully addictive and slightly fruity taste. If you don't mind eating a thousand calories with a single snack then you should defiantly give these a try.

To make:
1. Melt Butter over low heat. Make sure to use a big pot.
2. Add marshmallows (a standard sized bag of mini-marshmallows or half of a bag that you would bring to a campfire should do. More for more gooey, less for more solid)
3. Add a whole box of Fruity Pebbles once the marshmallows have melted.
4. Mix until there is even consistency.
5. Poor into a serving tray and let cool. (The tray should be slightly larger in dimension than the box the fruity pebbles came in)
6. Cut and serve. Should create roughly 32 2 by 3 inch squares, depending on height.
7. Scarf down.

Note: For about an hour or so after they are done, they will probably fall apart when you try and eat them. This falling apart stage also seems to be when they are the most tasty. Go figure.

If you have further suggestions on how to improve this please message me.

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