A phrase uttered by the eldest gypsy to Billy Halleck in Stephen King's (Richard Bachman's) thriller "Thinner". Billy had been cursed by the gypsies for the accidental killing of the eldest gypsy's daughter. The curse would cause him to loose weight at a drastic rate until he died. He fought hard with the gypsies to have the curse taken off. Finally, the eldest gypsy gives in, when it seems that his granddaughter may be harmed.

He tells Billy - "to remove the curse, you must first give it.... TO THIS PIE!". Billy bleeds into the pie and is told that to regain enough weight to be healthy, he must get someone to eat the pie, but that person will die a painful death. As Billy heads off, the gypsy gives him the warning that if he wants to die clean, he should eat his own pie. Rather than take this advice Billy feeds the pie to his wife (who he thinks is having an affair), to Dr. Mike Houston (the man he thinks she's having an affair with), and - accidentally - to his daughter.

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