These little powdery, confectionary delights are the true mark of the holidays in my family. My mother mentioned at breakfast this morning that it might be time to start making them soon. I responded with a thin line of spittle oozing from the corner of my mouth. However, it's more than just the physical taste of them that thrusts me into my best Homer Simpson impression, it's the sense of well-being and yuletide they are associated with in my memory, i suppose. I know it's not even October yet, but I couldn't resist posting this recipe. (I had been planning to save it and use it as a part of my holiday feast segment right before Thanksgiving, hehe.)

These are really easy to make and are very pretty, so they also make great gifts when you find yourself short on cash for presents 'round Christmas time because you spent half of your intended gift buying funds at the Filene's/Comp USA/Niketown/Tower Records/(insert favorite chain store here) Annual Holiday Blowout Sale on things for yourself (you deserved that leather jacket/printer/pair of shoes/video game/(insert desired item here), i know, i know).;p

Mexican Wedding Cakes aka (if you live in a waspier household) Pecan Rolls



  • Preheat oven to 325 degrees.
  • In large bowl combine 1/2 c powdered sugar, butter and vanilla. Blend well.
  • Stir in nuts, salt and flour till dough holds together.
  • Shape into 1 inch balls and place an inch apart on ungreased cookie sheets.
  • Bake 15-20 mins. until set, but not brown.
  • Immediately remove form cookie sheets.
  • Cool slighty, just until you can handle them, and roll in extra powdered sugar.
  • Cool completely ad reroll in powdered sugar.

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