Random temperature ovens are manufactured specifically for apartment buildings and other rental properties. They have a randomization chip incorporated into the seemingly analog controls. This randomization chip will set the oven to a random temperature whenever it is turned on , regardless of the setting on the temperature dial.

This type of oven has been known to drive many people crazy. However, there are techniques for dealing with it.
1. Set the oven to a temperature that would be inappropriate for the dish you are cooking. You've got a 25% chance that the randomizer will then land close to the temperature you want.
2. Make sure your apartment is close to a relative who owns a house. Use their oven.
3. Eat out.

Note that it is not possible to disassemble the oven and remove the randomizer chip. The chips have been so cleverly hidden that no one has ever found them.

In addition, complaining to the manager of the rental property will only cause them to laugh behind your back. They're laughing at you already for paying so much for such a horrible apartment to begin with, so why make matters worse?

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