A country band from St Kilda, Victoria, Australia. Their motto for this band is Country Rock And Proud (CRAP). They mainly seem to play in venues around St Kilda and a few other places in Melbourne.

The band's usual line up:
Fred Negro : Vocals, Horsey Guitar, Percussion
Dave Moll : Guitar, Piano, Lap Steel, Vocals
Fred T. Farlow : Bass, Vocals
Shane 'Shubox' Jenkins : Drums

All fan mail to:
P.O. BOX 1158
Windsor 3181
Victoria, Australia

From the band's CD called "I can't believe it's not butter" which you can buy off the band at their gigs.

Track Listing:
1. Miss My Mind (Negro, Moll)
2. Yabba Dabba Doo (R. Ferris)
3. Brand New Appliance (Peter Lillie)
4. Horses (J. Richman)
5. A Johnny Cash Song (Peter Lillie)
6. The Song Radio Would Flog (Negro, Weiner)
7. I hate Collingwood (Negro, Evans)
8. Something More Comfy (Negro, Moll)
9. Old Pubs (Negro, Gow)
10. Big Time (Moll)
11. Girl From APRA (Negro, Evans, Moll)
12. I'm Off Ya! (Negro, Hurley)
13. This Town (R. Miller)
14. Soldiering Iron (Moll)
15. Billy, Willy & Waylon (Dave Moll)
16. Rowdy Friends (Hank Williams Jnr)

Liner Notes by Fred Negro (with deliberate spelling mistakes left in):

People say "Why is it called 'I can't believe it's not butter'?" I usually reply that we wanted to make the album title sound real commercial. ARF.

Freddy Farlowe intros then it's straight into a brand new Negro/Moll choon "Miss my mind" a cheery little opener about losing things and missing children. Dig that crazy tambourine played by yours truly. I've never had so much fun!

The heart-ache and misery continues with "Yabba Dabba Doo" which I've been singing for fifteen years. What can I say? I love it!

"Brand New Appliance" is one of Australian legendary song smith Peter Lillie's best tunes written way back in the days when Pete was a Tonk himself. Vivian Gaye sings some beautiful backups and Dave butters up on the lap steel. A Classic.

"Since She Started with Horses" is a great Johnathan Richman pearler. Give the man a HUGE cigar for this one.

Next up is one of the most requested songs in our set-list (usually from some pissed bloke up the back yelling "Play a Johnny Cash song you bastards!") Another great Peter Lillie choon. I always get the chord bits wrong 'cos I play a horse-head on a stick. You expect me to know about music?! Black Lassie comes from OUT THERE...

"The Song Radio would flog" is our stab at commercial airplay. Guaranteed airplay on 3RRR anyway. The next album "Nearly 70% Wool" will features songs about PBS and NU-Country FM 94.9

"I hate Collingwood" is an oldie written by my good mate Evo. You can tell it's old by the lyrics (Who's Jakovich?) Evo lends his altar-boy tonsils round the back-ups, Dave does a corkers of a solo and the Voodoo tambourine of Kerri Simpson still chills me.

"Something more comfy" is an anti-cheating song dedicated to my trouble and strife, Sally. (This is OUR little number sweetheart.)

"Old Pubs" is from a poem written by another old mate Peter Gow. Do you remember when kids used to come to the pub dressed in pyjamas? Do you remember the Sporting Globe? McWilliams Calenders? The taste of Courage Beer? You do? Jesus, you're old.

"Big Time" is a Dave Moll classic. He sings and thumps the Goanna. I do back-ups and a cheek solo. 'Nuff said.

"The Girl From APRA" is dedicated to the girl from Mushroom Linda B. Dave does the first solo, Butcher the second. Evo & Viv do the 'OOHS' & 'Neighbours'

"I'm off ya!" is a cheatin'-cum-truckin'-cum-murder-cum-old dog type of song. Talk about putting all your eggs in one bastard. Funky percussion provided by Kerri Simpson, Fred 'N' I. Peter Greenish solo by Dave. Truck from Phil Grinder.

"This Town" is an obscure Roger Miller song (who I reckon was the greatest song writer ever.)

"Soldering Iron" is Dave Moll's piece of resistance.

"Billy, Willy & Waylon" is a true story of the 'Tonks supporting these legends at the Tennis Centre (recorded live at the Espy.)

"Rowdy Friends" is a good closer. Play loud and drink lots then go to sleep in the park next to the St Kilda Bowling Club alongside Dave. I'll get out of your way now. See ya next album. Hooray for Country!

Shonkytonk @ the Old Colonial Inn (24/2/2002)

Even though I've seen them twice before, I decided to go see Shonkytonk on Sunday as I had told Fred Negro that I would. There weren't too many people there so I was able to sit on the couch for a change (the people who were there seemed to be fans of the band as well as some St Kilda locals.)

The songs I enjoyed the most were the ones with a bit of pace to them. Best songs from the set:

Why don't we get drunk and screw
- Yes I know this was a slow song.

Shonkytonk (based on the song Honkytonk)
The band's signature tune.

When I was king
- In which Fred skipped around in front of the stage.

Tennessee Stud
- Sung by Fred T. Farlowe the bass player.

Tonight the Bottle Let Me Down

My Uncle used to love me but she died
- The chicken ain't chicken till it's lickin' good fried.

- You know I don't see her much since she started with horses,
I don't see her much since she started to ride.

- An improved version of the song Tequila!

Fred's BBQ Medley at the end
- What can we do when our snags are burning. (A send up of an old Midnight Oil song.)

Best part of the set:
- When the power went off and Fred & Fred sung "I didn't hear nobody prayin'" to get it to come on again (one of the band members ended up changing the fuse.)

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