Fred Negro is an musician/cartoonist/barfly who was probably one of St Kilda's most famous residents before that TV show The Secret Life of Us started.

He has been in many bands including I Spit on Your Gravy, The Fuck Fucks, Shonkytonk and The Twits.

He is a one-eyed Collingwood supporter but I won't hold that against him. One of his cartoon characters Footy Mouth was created to parody some of the more extreme behaviour of Australian Rules Football fans.

He is notorious for doing things at gigs such as getting naked and taking the texta to himself and other band members as well as many other hilarious onstage antics including fellating the guitar (not the guitarist as I have heard), banging his head on the mike repeatedly, playing a guitar (a child's horse toy on a stick with wheels) and various other activities.

Probably his most famous song is called Beer Sandwich (which has played on a national music video show called Rage fairly regulary. More recently a song he co-wrote called What the Fuck are you wearin' has received commercial airplay.

I have a few CD's of the bands he has been in (most of them bought from gigs or at the pub). I usually drop in an see him at the George Public Bar in St Kilda on Thursday afternoon after work. I bought the complete set of his "The Blokeship of the Ring" (a send up of the LOTR film), off him as he drew me in one of the comic strips as Dildo Baggins. Recently he has started to draw his character for the weekly George Public Bar strip Wise Old Beer Pig with Brian Wilson from The Beach Boys much to some people's bemusment as they don'y know who Brian is.

His weekly Pub Strip also appears in a local Melbourne street press magazine called Inpress. It has been going for over 600 issues and has resulted in several defamation lawsuits and charges for obscene publications.

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