Late 1990's Orange County-based pop superstars whose style has been described as "white-boy reggae" or "frat-boy rock." Their first big hit, entitled "Fly," shot up the charts in 1997. Since then, they've had multiple smash hits, including "Every Morning" and "Someday." Members of the band: Mark McGrath, lead vocals; Murphy Karges, bassist; Stan Frazier, drummer; Rodney Sheppard, guitar; Craig Bullock (DJ Homicide), disc jockey.

Most of their work has been with Atlantic Records.

  1. Lemonade and Brownies, 1995, Atlantic
  2. Floored, 1997, Lava Records / Atlantic
  3. 14:59, 1999, Atlantic
  4. Star Profile, 2000, Master Tone Records
  5. In Conversation, 2000, Baktabak (import)
  6. Sugar Ray, 2001, Atlantic

On June 12, 2001, Sugar Ray released a self-titled album with Atlantic Records. Its track listing:
  1. Answer the Phone
  2. When It's Over
  3. Under the Sun
  4. Satellites
  5. Waiting
  6. Ours
  7. Sorry Now
  8. Stay On
  9. Words to Me
  10. Just a Little
  11. Disaster Peace

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