A really, really funny movie made by MTV in 2002.

Colin Hanks lives in Orange County with his lunatic family, and gives up his surfer screw-around lifestyle to become a writer and study under his favorite author, who teaches at Stanford University.

He applies to only one school, Stanford, on the urging of his guidance counsellor. "You don't need a safety school. Why, you're scared?" She sends in the wrong transcript by mistake, of some luser with a combined SAT of 900, and he gets rejected.

So he tries to get in by nearly any means necessary. He tries meeting a Stanford trustee, but his entire family, due to pure bad luck, spoils all his chances. His only recourse is to drive over to Stanford, and straighten things out.

What makes this movie so funny is how Colin Hanks (Tom Hanks's son) is the straight man, JonKatz says he's got a Jimmy Stewart personality that makes you root for him, while every single person he's surrounded by is incredibly nutty and neurotic. It's got the same charm as Seinfeld, as each person gets a moment to steal the show. Jack Black is his druggie brother, John Lithgow is his obsessive father, Catherine O'Hara (Home alone) is the neurotic drunken drama queen mother.

Aside from that, there are a bunch of cameos, from Ivan Reitman to Ben Stiller to Chevy Chase and Kevin Kline.

It's made by MTV, and suprisingly good. The soundtrack is nicely done, with a Offspring Music video tie-in. This movie may just top all its MTV movie successors in humor. I laughed, and took my parents to see it with me. Screwball humor may be a good definition.

If you've had any sort of trouble getting into college, this is IT. THE movie for you to see. I can't tell you how well I was able to identify with the character, and how well the movie actually defined all the characters to give them a bit more depth.

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