Orange County-based ska band. Carefully toeing the line between ska/punk and skacore, the band's tight horn section, true-to-rock guitar work and rock-steady bass lines often see them compared the fellow Orange County golden boys, Reel Big Fish. In the CodeName: Rocky's own words, "The band started out as a side-project that basically got out of hand."

The group has mostly limited its touring to Southern California with occasional sojourns to neighboring states due to the fact that members of the band are still in school, college that is.

The unusual name, CodeName: Rocky, does in fact have a story associated with it, again in the band's own words, "We needed a name, and thought that race-horses have relatively unique names. So Rich got a newspaper, and we looked at the horse racing section and saw the name Code Name Rocky, and we thought it was kind of ridiculous and so we stuck with it."

CodeName: Rocky is:
Dan Torres -- guitar/vocals
Mikey Hamada -- trombone
Bill Adams -- trumpet
Rich Iwason -- trumpet
Ivan Ibarra -- saxophone
Mike Fitzgerald -- bass
Drew Baker -- drums

Releases Include:
No Time To Waste -- Microcosm (2000)
Infinity (E.P.) -- Glue Factory (2002)

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