Born October 27, 1946 in Czechoslovakia (raised in Canada), Ivan Reitman is popular for having created a plethora of high-grossing comedic feature film gems (and the Beethoven movies).

The more popular of his films include: "Ghostbusters", "Twins", "National Lampoon's Animal House", and "Dave"; "Animal House" and "Twins" having won him Peoples' Choice Awards. Also, in 1994, he became the third director ever to be honored by Variety Magazine in their special "Billion Dollar Director" issue.

Reitman now heads the The Monticeto Picture Company, a development company for film and television. His success carried over to TV as well, with his Emmy-nominated "The Real Ghostbusters" and the animated "Beethoven" series on CBS. Reitman is currently (2002) developing a children's show "Mummies" and is in the middle of production of several more films with his newfound deal with DreamWorks.

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