dubbed live into English by Andrew Leavold (Stumpy) from Trash Video and Fred Negro as the only copy available has a French dub.

The little known sequel to 'For Your Height Only' again starring Weng Weng as Agent 00. This movie has a lot more sex, nudity and violence and even less of a plot.

For some reason at the start of the movie 00 is gets shot at and calls in reinforcements to a hotel, which leads to him being lowered down the side of a building (probably only so the directors get to show some gratuitous sex and nudity) so he can get to the gunman who is holding some people hostage.

00 then takes to his mini motorbike to stop a truck containing a kidnapped businessman. It turns out that the bloke was kidnapped by the notorious international terrorist Sockhead (with a great voice by Stumpy) who is trying to extort money out of the business leaders of the Philippines.

The secret service arranges for 00 to be present at the drop off of the ransom and he hides in the bin (and later the bag with the money) to track down the terrorists. With other agents following him, 00 manages to get to Sockhead (who is resplendent in his all-white outfit and cape) but he gets away and 00 gets in trouble for losing the money.

The leader of the group of businessmen is almost assassinated by a shemale with a grenade outside spy headquarters and after 00 saves him he drives off in a huff.

A result of this is that 00 is taken off the case, so he goes off to investigate it by himself. This leads to some excellent scenes in a strip club and a massage parlour where the workers mob 00 as they think he's cute.

This movie also contains the only car chase sequence I have scene where the baddies stop in the middle to go through a car wash.

It manages to get even more confusing with 00 locked in a big bird cage by the baddies on a boat, who then gloat and contemplate how to get rid of him...

Although this movie wasn't as good as the original, it was still fun and it was made better by Stumpy and Fred's voices of the characters.

At the end of this movie it also says to look out for a sequel called "License Expired" but non one has been able to find it so far (it may be like "Buckaroo Banzai vs the World Crime League")

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