Many are called, few are chosen…

It’s that time of year again when we take pause and reflect on the events of the past year. There are all kinds of award ceremonies that attempt to acknowledge individual accomplishments in many fields of expertise and one of them goes above and beyond the call of duty.

The Golden Raspberry Award is somewhat similar to the Academy Awards with one huge exception. The ceremony itself is usually held in Los Angeles one night before the Oscars in order to piggyback off some free publicity and rather than being given out as a symbol of accomplishment, the “Razzies” are distributed based on awful performances.

Now entering its 33rd year, the Razzies have grown from a small event to one that is now covered by the likes of CNN and various tabloids throughout the world. The prize itself is valued at approximately $4.97 and consists of a golf ball sized raspberry which is spray painted gold.

In a sure sign that members of the Hollywood set take themselves way too seriously, very few of the nominees even bother to show up to collect their award.

The following is a list of categories and the eventual award winners throughout the years. For the sake of brevity and admitted laziness on my part I’ve only listed the winning actors/actresses and films and decided not to include any supporting roles or who their competition was. While I recognize many of these names, some of them remain a mystery to me. Perhaps, that’s a good thing.

My hat goes off to anybody out there who was able to sit through all of these award winning performances. Your tolerance and patience is beyond my comprehension.

And now, the envelope please….


Worst Actor

1980 – Neil Diamond for The Jazz Singer
1981 – Klinton Spilsbury for The Legend of the Lone Ranger
1982 – Laurence Olivier for Inchon
1983 – Christopher Atkins for A Night in Heaven
1984 – Sylvester Stallone for Rhinestone
1985 – Sylvester Stallone for Rambo: First Blood Part II and Rocky IV
1986 – Prince for Under the Cherry Moon
1987 - Bill Cosby for Leonard Part 6
1988 – Sylvester Stallone for Rambo III
1989 – William Shatner for Star Trek V: The Final Frontier
1990 – Andrew Dice Clay for The Adventures of Ford Fairlane
1991 - Kevin Costner for Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves
1992 – Sylvester Stallone for Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot!
1993 – Burt Reynolds for Cop and a Half
1994 - Kevin Costner for Wyatt Earp
1995 - Pauly Shore for Jury Duty
1996 – Tom Arnold for Big Bull, Carpool and The Stupids
1997 – Kevin Costner for The Postman
1998 – Bruce Willis for Armageddon, Mercury Rising and The Siege
1999 – Adam Sandler for Big Daddy
2000 – John Travolta for Battlefield Earth and Lucky Numbers
2001 – Tom Green for Freddy Got Fingered
2002 – Roberto Benigni for Pinocchio
2003 - Ben Affleck for Daredevil/Gigli and Paycheck
2004 – George W. Bush for Fahrenheit 9/11
2005 – Rob Schneider for Deuce Bigelow: European Gigolo
2006 – The Wayans Brothers, Marlon and Shawn for Little Man
2007 – Eddie Murphy for Norbit
2008 – Mike MyersThe Love Guru
2009 – The Jonas Brothers for Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience
2010 – Ashton Kutcher for Killers and Valentine’s Day
2011 - Adam Sandler for Jack and Jill and Just Go with It
2012 - Adam Sandler for That's My Boy
2013 - Jaden Smith for After Earth

Worst Actress

1980 – Brooke Shields for The Blue Lagoon
1981 – Bo Derek for Tarzan, the Ape Man and Faye Dunaway for Mommie Dearest
1982 – Pia Zadora for Butterfly
1983 - Pia Zadora for The Lonely Lady
1984 – Bo Derek for Bolero
1985 – Linda Blair for Night Patrol/ Savage Island and Savage Streets
1986 – Madonna for Shanghai Surprise
1987 – Madonna for Who’s That Girl<
1988 – Liza Minnelli for Arthur2: On the Rocks and Rent-A-Cop
1989 – Heather Locklear for The Return of Swamp Thing
1990 – Bo Derek for Ghosts Can’t Do It
1991 – Sean Young for A Kiss Before Dying
1992 – Melanie Griffith for Shining Through and A Stranger Among Us
1993 – Madonna for Body of Evidence
1994 – Sharon Stone for Intersection and The Specialist
1995 - Elizabeth Berkley for Showgirls
1996 – Demi Moore for The Juror and Striptease
1997 – Demi Moore for G.I. Jane
1998 – Spice Girls for Spice World
1999 – Heather Donaghue for The Blair Witch Project
2000 – Madonna for The Next Best Thing
2001 – Mariah Carey for Glitter
2002 – Madonna for Swept Away and Britney Spears for Crossroads
2003 – Jennifer Lopez for Gigli
2004 – Halle Berry for Catwoman, she actually showed up.
2005 – Jenny McCarthy for Dirty Love
2006 – Sharon Stone for Basic Instinct 2
2007 – Lindsay Lohan for her dual role in I Know Who Killed Me
2008 – Paris Hilton for The Hottie and the Nottie
2009 – Sandra Bullock for All About Steve, she too also showed up
2010 – All the women who had any kind of role in Sex and the City 2
2011 – Adam Sandler for his female role in Jack and Jill
2012 - RiHanna for Battleship
2013 - Tyler Perry for A Madea Christmas

Worst Film

1980 – Can't Stop The Music
1981 – Mommie Dearest
1982 – Inchon
1983 – The Lonely Lady
1984 – Bolero
1985 – Rambo: First Blood Part II
1986 – Howard the Duck and Under the Cherry Moon
1987 – Leonard Part 6
1988 – Cocktail
1989 – Star Trek V: The Final Frontier
1990 – The Adventures of Ford Fairlane and Ghosts Can’t Do It
1991 - Hudson Hawk
1992 – Shining Through
1993 – Indecent Proposal
1994 – Color of Night
1995 – Showgirls
1996 – Striptease
1997 – The Postman
1998 – An Alan Smithee Film: Burn Hollywood Burn
1999 – Wild Wild West
2000 – Battlefield Earth
2001 – Freddy Got Fingered
2002 – Swept Away
2003 – Gigli
2004 – Catwoman
2005 – Dirty Love
2006 – Basic Instinct 2
2007 – I Know Who Killed Me
2008 – The Love Guru
2009 – Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen
2010 – The Last Airbender
2011 – Jack and Jill
2012 - Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2
2013 - Movie 43

Note: Jack and Jill warrants some additional commentary when it made Razzie history. In addition to being named as the Worst Film of 2011 and Adam Sandler taking home both the Worst Actor and Worst Actress Awards the movie also swept all of the other categories when Al Pacino won for Worst Supporting Actor, Dennis Dugan won for Worst Director, Adam Sandler, Ben Zook and Steve Koren won for Worst Screenplay and the entire cast won for Worst Screen Ensemble. It also managed to land the coveted Worst Screen Couple Award for Adam Sandler with Al Pacino, Adam Sandler with Katie Holmes and Adam Sandler with Adam Sandler. That my movie going friends is mighty impressive.

Just like the Oscars, the Razzies also dish out some special achievement awards but do so only sparingly. To date, there have only been four Worst Career Achievement Awards given out. Those honors belong to Linda Blair, Irwin Allen, Bruce, the Rubber Shark from the Jaws series and Uwe Boll who was described as Germany’s answer to Ed Wood.

Ladies and gentlemen, let’s have a nice round of applause for all the fine individuals and films that have turned our stomachs and made us wince over the years. May Hollywood keep turning out its fair share of crap for many years to come.

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