Pauly Shore, how can words even describe the pure genius of this man. From stand up comedy to acting, directing, and writing, Pauly has done it all in his own unique style that no one else can even come close to. Everything Pauly touches turns to gold. Every single one of his films has been highly profitable, and all of them are aired with startling regularity. Some critics don't really understand Pauly's work, which is why some of his films have gotten less than stellar reviews. But the critics can be damned. The public loves Pauly, and he has affected our culture in ways we are just now beginning to understand.

It isn't just the public that loves Pauly, other performers admire and look up to this icon of comedy as well. Pauly has been known to hang out with the likes of Steven Tyler, Pamela Anderson, Charlie Sheen, Chevy Chase, and Billy Idol. Even Canadians (such as Celine Dion) are proud to count Pauly among their closest friends. Pauly is pretty much welcomed with open arms wherever he goes. His name is already a household word in the United States, and that fame is quickly spreading all around the world. Eventually you may even drive your Pauly down to the shore to pick up some Pauly Shore.

Pauly was born at a young age on February 1, 1968 in Hollywood California. It is rather fitting that the man that would later come to be known as "Mr. Hollywood", was actually born there. Everyone knew there was something special about Pauly, maybe it was the look in his eyes? Maybe it was the way he said "Buddy" with a few extra syllables? Whatever it was, Pauly had it, and everybody knew it. Pauly decided to put off the inevitable show business career for a while so he could concentrate on studying philosophy and nuclear medicine, but at the age of twenty he decided he was ready to begin changing western culture, and thus Pauly's acting career began.

Pauly decided to begin his career with several minor movie and television roles. The studios were already begging him to take the big parts, but he wanted to start out small and earn his place in the Hollywood pecking order that he would eventually rise to the top of. His small roles in For Keeps, 18 Again!, and Lost Angels were pure genius, he stole the show, playing these minor roles with a Shakespearean flare that no one else could ever hope to emulate.

Next up for Pauly was his long running stint with MTV, where he had his own show called "Totally Pauly". Many people thought that this show (which ran continually for four years), would be the high point in his career. I mean how could anyone ever hope to top starring in the best television show ever made? But Pauly managed to prove them wrong when he began his career as a Hollywood leading man.

Pauly decided to be highly selective about his film career, in essence he wanted to star in the best five movies ever made, and that was exactly what he did.

The first up was Encino Man. This 1992 film was all about a caveman who had been thawed out in modern day California. It drew heavily on Robert Heinlein's Stranger in a Strange Land with a little bit of Hamlet threw in for good measure. Pauly was officially billed third in this film, but make no mistakes, this was his movie. From beginning to end he owned this film, and the other performers could only hope to cash on on a little of his glory.

Next up was the 1993 romantic comedy Son in Law. This film would mark the first time that Pauly actually accepted top billing, in previous works he always let the other performers officially take the "starring roles", confident in the fact that the movies were still his, no matter what order the credits listed the names in. This particular film was based heavily on William Shakespeare's The Taming of the Shrew with one single major twist. The twist was the fact that the shrew was actually the woman's family, and not the woman herself. Ben Stiller would later star in a pale imitation of this movie entitled "Meet the Parents", but it simply could not compare to Pauly's masterful screen work on this film.

Pauly decided that he should master the military flick genre as well, and that he did with the 1994 film "In the Army Now". The military basic training film that later moves on to real war is a firmly established plotline, which up until then had been dominated by Stanley Kubrick's Full Metal Jacket. Well Pauly's reinterpretation of that film simply blew the original out of the water. People began wondering if there was anything that Pauly Shore was not capable of.

In his quest to dominate every genre, Pauly next turned to the "courtroom drama" genre for his 1995 film "Jury Duty". This film drew heavily on John Grisham novels as well as the real life drama of the OJ Simpson trial. Pauly's closing speech to the jury was a true masterpiece of the english language, and invariably leaves the entire audience in tears.

Finally Pauly decided to finish off his film career with the critically acclaimed "Bio-Dome". This film needs no introduction or description. It truly was the best movie ever made, and manages to combine influences across the spectrum to create a work of art on the screen which shall never be topped.

Pauly lives a more quiet life now that he has achieved all humanity has to offer. He still takes minor roles from time to time, but he prefers to let other stars take most of the glory. Most of his work these days is being done behind the camera, and he has even begun to take on directorial roles. When he isn't changing the course of human culture, Pauly prefers to live quietly in his gated Hollywood mansion. He keeps his exact address somewhat private, but he had his "PMS" initals added to the front gate so his true fans will always be able to find him.

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