A state that a person or entity should avoid if at all possible. Being in this state can not only be detrimental in a whole gamut of ways, it can actually negate any other favourable state in which the subject is in. For instance the movie "California Man" (a.k.a. "Encino Man") is involved in some way with Pauly Shore, and suffers accordingly. Likewise that thing with the Biospheres or whatever they're called.

Or for instance, if your friend was eating peanut butter and fudge ice cream out of a tub, and you casually mention to them that particular dairy product is (or was) involved in some way with Pauly Shore, they might typically stop chewing, their spoon halfway to their mouth, and begin gagging and choking.

Acceptance of Zen philosophy is marred slightly by the nagging thought that if all things are interconnected, then all things must be in some way involved with Pauly Shore. Indeed, it was mooted at one point that a corollary be added to these teachings to the effect that all things except Pauly Shore are interconnected.

"Being involved in some way with young Master Pauly Shore, Esq." would also be the subtitle of the screenplay of California Man, if it had been written in the 18th century.

Could also be used as an insult, possibly, after the style of the French Taunters.

Credit for coining this phrase should go to wish23x.

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