Terrorist 1: "What are we doing here, Abdul?"

Terrorist 2: "It should be obvious, Mohammad. We are getting sandwiches."

Terrorist 1: "This place is a symbol of all that is evil about the West, Abdul. Simply being present here corrupts the soul. It is an abomination before Allah."

Terrorist 2: "The clown is indeed disturbing. But the large purple fungus-man amuses me."

Terrorist 1: "You know that is not what I am talking about. This place flaunts its degenerate Western values in the face of Heaven. It must be expunged from the Earth!"

Terrorist 2: "Keep your voice down, Mohammad."

Terrorist 1: "IT IS THE WILL OF--"

Terrorist 2: "SHUT UP, YOU FOOL! DO YOU WANT TO BE ARRESTED BEFORE... ahh, before we can order our delicious food? No, no, fellow citizens, my friend is simply agitated about the -- ahh -- swill served at that Wendy's down the street. Not like this fine establishment. No, no."

Crew chief: "Welcome to McDonalds, sir, can I take your order?"

Terrorist 2: "Ahh, yes. I will have a Big Mac, regular fries, and a large orange drink."

Crew chief: "And you, sir?"

Terrorist 1: "Hmm. What is this 'Happy Meal' item?"

Crew chief: "That's a children's meal, sir. You'd probably prefer a larger sandwich."


Terrorist 2: "SHUT UP, YOU FOOL! He -- He -- He is a collector! He needs but one more Hot Wheels toy to complete his collection! Right, uh, uh, Sam?"

Terrorist 1: "Yes, fine."

Terrorist 2: "Right. Right. He will have the cheeseburger Happy Meal with a cold refreshing Coca-Cola. I am very sorry he became so agitated."

Crew chief: "That -- That's okay, sir. Your order will be ready in just a moment."

Terrorist 2: "Mohammad, you fool. You must keep your mouth shut. Let me do the talking."

Terrorist 1: "My name is not Sam."

Terrorist 2: "I know that. We are supposed to blend with the Americans, remember?"

Terrorist 1: "Do not call me by degenerate Western names, Abdul."

Terrorist 2: "Did you pay no attention during training? Weren't you listening to--"

Crew chief: "Number 23!"

Terrorist 2: "Come on. That's our food."

Terrorist 1: "Hmm. This meal doesn't look very happy. And the portions are very small."

Terrorist 2: "Shut up, Mohammad."

Terrorist 1: "And this toy car appears to be cheaply constructed."

Terrorist 2: "Shut up, Mohammad."

Terrorist 1: "What is this?"

Terrorist 2: "Hmmm? Oh, that's the Monopoly scratch-off game. Scratch away the silver parts of the card and you win a prize, like food or money. Not like that, Mohammad. Use a quarter."

Terrorist 1: "Hmph. More tools for spreading blasphemous Western values."

Terrorist 2: "Use the edge of the quarter, Mohammad."

Terrorist 1: "Oh."

Terrorist 2: "Allah help me..."

Terrorist 1: "A-Abdul! Look! Look! I won!"

Terrorist 2: "Really? That's wonderful. What was your prize?"

Terrorist 1: "It says I won 'any breakfast bagel sandwich!' You see? What is a breakfast bagel sandwich?"

Terrorist 2: "They slice a bagel in half, then put eggs and meat inside it. It's fairly tasty. Better than the pancakes, I'll tell you that."

Terrorist 1: "I can't believe it! Can I get it now?"

Terrorist 2: "No, they only serve that for breakfast. We'll get one in the morning, alright?"

Terrorist 1: "I -- I -- Oh, alright. It cannot be helped. I still can't believe this, Abdul! I've never won anything before!"

Terrorist 2: "You'll have to try the sausage bagel. You'll love it."

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