A movie, made in 1987. Starring Bill Cosby. My favorite bad movie.

Directed by Paul Weiland, written by Bill Cosby and Jonathan Reynolds. (thank you imdb). Truly a low point in the career of Bill Cosby.

The premise is that Leonard Parker (played by Bill Cosby), is a ultra-secret agent. The reason Leonard Parts 1-5 have not been seen is because they've been suppressed by the government.

The plot escapes me, but I'll paste it in from imdb at the end. What I do remember is the wonderful props in the movie, including:

The props were really cool...

plot from imdb:

The CIA asks for ex-spy Leonard's help in stopping an evil force that is brainwashing small animals into killing people. Leonard, however, has his own problems to deal with: winning back his ex-wife.

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