A hopelessly bad 1981 movie retelling the familiar story of The Lone Ranger, from sole survivor of an ambushed company of Texas Rangers, to masked avenger. Klinton Spilsbury who portrayed the lead role was an entirely unsuitable choice. He wasn't especially good looking or even rugged. His voice had such a high pitch that all of his dialogue was dubbed over by Stacy Keach. Presumably he was so embarrassed by this role that he never worked again, as I can find no other mention of him.

The films plot differs slightly from the canon and gives The Lone Ranger a name, John Reid. He isn't really a Texas Ranger, but his brother was. John was on a ride along with his brother when the Company was ambushed by Reverend Jim, I mean... Butch Cavendish, memorably portrayed by the Field Marshall of Zany, Christopher Lloyd.

Other notable appearances are by Richard Farnsworth as Buffalo Bill, and Jason Robards as the comically inebriated President Grant.

This film shares its title with a much better and more faithful interpretation of the Lone Ranger story starring Clayton Moore and released in 1952. Actually, it's not so much an interpretation as it is the first three episodes of the long running television series The Lone Ranger edited into one feature and released theatrically.

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