1. 1949 film starring Humphrey Bogart as title character Joe Barrett. The IMDb summary: "Joe Barrett returns to Tokyo after World War II where he once owned a bar, Tokyo Joe's, and deserted his wife Trina. They have a seven-year-old daughter. Kimura forces Joe into piloting war criminals by revealing that during the war Trina made treasonous propaganda broadcasts." Directed by Stuart Heisler, the same director who brought you The Lone Ranger.

2. An online stock trading advice site officially called "Tokyo Joe's Societe Anonyme." Tokyo Joe, real name Yun Soo Oh Park, was charged with fraud on January 5, 2000 for using the popular site to move the prices of stocks he held personally, and for pushing stocks in cigar distributor DCGR International in return for 100,000 shares of company stock. Park settled out of court on March 8 for $750,000 in penalties, and the web site continues to operate.

3. Wonderfully zany song by Roxy Music's Bryan Ferry.

My Girl Friday, she no square
She like the lotus blossom in her hair
Be-bop records and something new
Sometimes borrowed but she´s never blue
Oh no... not Tokyo Joe
Way past midnight - she not home
She cut the ice down the Danger Zone
Watertight dresses - she don´t care
A trifle risqué, a tart, no sir...
Oh no... sounds like Tokyo Joe
Geisha girl show you she adore you
Two oriental eyes implore you
Femme fatale or ingénue?
She very cunning, fiendish clever
Geisha girl suffer many times a fool
Sayonara moon
When all the world's a stage, oh where are you?
Tokyo Rose on the radio
Or Diz and Bird puttin' on the moan
Tappin' out telexes to Tupelo
Dear John, do re mi fa so?
Let´s go... call for Tokyo Joe
Walkin' tall down the Danger Zone
She hokey-cokey till the cows come home
Big shot - from the hip - neon cool
Say, when you've been around, what's left to do?
Don´t know? Ask Tokyo Joe
So inscrutable her reply
"Ask me no question and me tell you no lie"
GI boys howlin' out for more
VIP's purrin' "Je t'adore"
Ah so... that´s Tokyo Joe
Even though it is not a popular song by any means, you will find it at every single karaoke box in Nippon.

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