Genius comedian of whoms routine involved raunchy sex depictions as well as other politically incorrect humor. Sporting a leather coat and a pack of Marlboro's with a twist on nursery rhymes, Andrew "Dice" Clay still remains very funny even if you are restricted to not laughing out loud at him. Sam Kinison is believed to have created the Dice character.

A comedian who became very big in the mid 80's. He also starred in a couple of pseudo-action movies in the early 90's, one of them with TV Superman babe Teri Hatcher. His most popular act was the Andrew Dice Clay Nursery Rhymes.

Parental Advisory: Explicit Language

<DICE accent="brooklyn">

/me lights up a cigarette, and takes a puff.

/me reaches around his head to grab it.

/me makes a random sound effect.

Picture the biggest fucking pig you ever met. No, not the kind of pig you'd see on the farm you jackass faggot. I'm talking about a pig that'll stick his tongue up your ass, then pin your legs behind your fuckin' ears and dump a load on your belly. I'm talking about a pig that will say things that will make you cringe and/or retch every time he opens his yap.

Cocksucker, he'll bite off your balls and spit 'em in your fuckin' face.


That's the kind of language you'd hear if you listen to Andrew Dice Clay, with a few "cunts" and "spicks" thrown in for good measure. He's truly one of the most offensive human beings walking God's Green Earth. No creed, color, nationality, sexual orientation (or any other pigeon hole someone can fit into) is safe. He's one of the few true equal opportunity offenders. He's been asked to apologize to every sensitive group on Earth. These groups will probably be waiting for this apology until the heat death of the universe.

Clay, (Andrew Clay Silverstein) (1957-), during his brief albeit incredibly robust career was considered by feminists to be a misogynist, by racial groups to be a bigot, and by homosexuals to be a homophobe. He started off doing stand-up comedy in the 1970's when he was still a teenager, and began developing the Dice persona during the 80's, referring to women (all of them) as who-uhs (whores), and parodying nursery rhymes with crude sexual overtones. He began to develop a cult following which eventually snowballed into a comedy sensation. The controversy which followed Clay did little more than provide publicity and help pack arenas like Madison Square Garden.

Obviously, not everyone liked him, though. When he was invited to Saturday Night Live to be the guest star, Nora Dunn (then a cast member) actually walked off the set, never to return. He was also banned from MTV because of the overwhelming vulgarity of his act. After the SNL thing, Clay pretty much vanished, although he was at the height of his career.

He tried to make a come-back in the mid to late 90's, most of which didn't pan out too well. He dropped the Dice persona, and tried to patch things up with the women of the world by making an HBO special called "For Ladies Only". In '95, he starred in a CBS sit-com called "Bless This House" with Cathy Moriarty. That didn't fly.

Now, he's back on stage, doing pretty much the same act.

He's probably most famous for his nursery rhyme parodies. They're not especially poetic, or thought provoking, but then they were never meant to be. I'd put in a sample in this writeup, but they've already been noded here.

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