Actress and former model.

Shields was put into the spotlight as a baby by her overbearing stage mother. After a successful stint as a child model, she started acting and appeared in a disturbing movie called Pretty Baby when she was only twelve. She also continued modelling and is probably most famous for uttering the line "nothing comes between me and my Calvin Klein jeans."

Her movie career continued to chug along and she was handed one hyper-sexualized role after another including Endless Love with Tom Cruise and The Blue Lagoon.

In an effort to tone down her Lolita-esque image, Brooke did a number of anti-smoking ads and repeatedly stated in the media that she was a virgin. For awhile she dated Michael Jackson which pretty much kept her virginity intact.

At the height of her popularity, she has a doll marketed in her likeness.

She attended Princeton University and graduated with a French degree.

She disappeared from public life after several terrible movies but re-emerged in the 90s with an awful tv show called Suddenly Susan. She also married bald tennis player Andre Agassi (the two have since divorced).

Se has since appeared in several series, including Lipstick Jungle.

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