Purveyor of pornography famous for perfecting the 'gonzo' genre. That particular style features scenes being shot from the perspective of the male participant, usually with a handheld video camera. As his name implies, the acts that Seymore Butts films don't exactly feature the missionary position.

Seymore Butts' real name is Adam Glasser, and he was born in the Bronx. Unlike other Big Apple Semites who have made their way to the backyards of the San Fernando Valley such as Ron Jeremy, Butts is a tanned and muscular presence. He got his start in 1990 with a small role in Buttman's Ultimate Workout, whose namesake Buttman invented gonzo and would become a mentor to Seymore.

Glasser was soon making his own gonzo movies under his new alias. It is unknown whether his name was inspired by the crank call made by Bart in the first season of The Simpsons. In the decade since, he has made over 50 movies, almost all featuring himself (or at least his lower half). To this day, his own mother is the accountant of his business.

His movies not only appealed to men, but also to aspiring women as well. Seymore was first courted by Shane, a woman who called herself his 'biggest fan' and would later go on to make her own Slumber Party series of movies. Seymore and Shane had an open relationship, so much so that a lawsuit stemmed from Butts' distribution of a video of Shane giving head to an on-duty New York fireman. The suit was eventually dropped.

Butts' next girlfriend was Taylor Hayes, an already established starlet who starred in many of Butts' movies and gave birth to his son. Next came Alisha Klass, an aspiring stripper so enamored of Butts' work that she tattooed his name on her posterior before they even met. She starred with Butts' in many movies. In one of the most notorious porn movies of all time, Tampa Tushy Fest Part 1, Klass and another starlet, Chloe, were featured fisting each other in a hotel room. Not simply run of the mill fisting, there was double-fisting, anal fisting, and self fisting.

This scene was cited in the recent indictment of Glasser by Los Angeles county prosecutor Deborah Sanchez on obscenity charges. It is the first major mainstream pornography-related prosecution in over a decade, and considered an important First Amendment case. Citing the 1973 Supreme Court ruling Miller v. California, which defined obscenity in the context of 'Community Standards,' the prosecution claims that portrayals of fisting are in violation of these standards and are therefore obscene. After a Clinton-era decade of pornography going mainstream in a Laissez Faire America, Butts is now the first victim in a cultural conservative backlash. If he ends up in jail, at least he can reflect on having lived a life that many men dream of.

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