A porn star who is notorious for doing nasty stuff in her movies. She is currently the girlfriend of producer Seymour Butts (she has his stage name tattooed over her ass), and almost any movie produced by Butts since 1999 will have her in at least one scene.

Most of Alisha's scenes are intensely anal. If she is not taking a cock up the butt, she is performing analingus on her partner, or taking repeated ass to mouth from either her own ass or the butt of a fellow porn actress. Alisha seems to do this quite willingly, without a hint of shame or degradation.

Alisha's nasty spirit may have something to do with the fact that her father killed her mother and then himself when she was a little girl, as she claimed on the Howard Stern show.

Alisha is about 5'6", with dark red hair and large natural breasts. She is in her late twenties, and comes across as being a lot smarter than you'd expect.

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