One of the Pinfari roller coaster design company's cookie-cutter designs, the Big Apple is a steel kiddie coaster. Some theme parks that receive this type of coaster keep the name Big Apple for it, while others give it their own name - Chenille, at Nigloland in France, and Wacky Worm at Lake Winnepesaukah in the United States, are also Pinfari Big Apple rides. Although each ride operates slightly differently, like any kiddie coaster they are free of any inversions and provide a very simple trip along a 435-foot track.

The United Kingdom claims most of the rides named Big Apple, including the closed one which is at Dreamland in Margate. Opened before 1986, it closed sometime before 2000. Another, opened in 1987, is at Botton's Pleasure Beach in Skegness. Clacton Pier, in Clacton-on-sea, also has one, and there is another at Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach in Great Yarmouth. In Southport, the Pleasureland park opened a Big Apple in 1982. This one uses just one train carrying 36 riders, and with a ride duration of 55 seconds it can process 700 riders per hour. There is also a Big Apple at M&Ds Scotland's Theme Park in Motherwell. Finally, at the West Midlands Safari Park in Bewdley, England, there is a Pinfari kiddie ride called the African Big Apple - a name no doubt chosen to match that park's theming.

Outside Great Britain, three of the Pinfari coasters bear the name Big Apple. One is at Astroland in New York City, and this one operates using two trains. Another is at Duinen Zathe in the Dutch town of Appelscha. There is a Big Apple at EsselWorld, a park in Gorai Village in India. It uses one train to carry 20 riders at a time, but only gives a thirty-second ride.


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