A 12-voice digital/analog hybrid synthesizer with a 76-note velocity and aftertouch sensitive keyboard. Released in 1986, also known as the Super JX.

The JX-10 is basicially two JX-8Ps stacked together. It features two DCOs per voice, along with both low and high pass VCFs, two ADSR envelope generators and a decent LFO. The synth's memory holds 50 preset and 50 user patches, which can be assigned to 64 programs along with the usual keyboard split settings etc. A simple built-in sequencer is available, but requires a memory cartridge to work. A MIDI interface is naturally provided.

Despite offering quite flexible programmability, the JX-10 can be a pain to program due to having only an alpha dial and a limited amount of membrane buttons on the front panel. The separately sold PG-800 "box of knobs" unit is basicially a must for anyone who wants quick access to the sound parameters. As for its sound, the JX-10 is quite warm despite its digital oscillators. It is best known for producing great strings and pads, but is capable of much more.

January 23, 2002 - This writeup is currently going through a complete rewrite. Strange, it's taken me too long to write a decent node of a synth I actually own..

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