The rackmount (i.e. no keyboard) version of the Roland JX-10, made from 1986 to 1989. It was an almost-analog synthesizer, using digital oscillators, and the patch-storing capacities of the de rigueur digital keyboards of the day. And MIDI, of course, plus a rudimentary chorus effects unit. Real men erased the preset factory sounds and eschewed the use of programming aids like the Roland PG-800 sliders (since that cute little Alpha Dial should have been enough for you). Additional patches could be stored on little cartridges, which tended to get misplaced, if you were the disorganized sort. The infamous Roland user manual, which, as with those of their other products in those days, read as if it had been translated from Japanese to English courtesy of Babelfish, provided hours of fine entertainment, when you weren't pulling your hair out.

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