Roland's flagship Linear Arithmetic synthesiser, the D-70 sat above the Roland D-50 in the company's late-80s / early-90s range, and was the successor to the Roland JX-10.

Stymied by a horrifically complex user interface, the D-70 was essentially a cross between the sample-playback shenanigans of the Roland U-20 and the LA synthesis of the Roland D-50, with a larger keyboard than either and professional features such as multiple outputs. Inspection of the internal workings revealed that it was originally to be the 'U-50'.

Has no current 'kudos' amongst synth collectors - it's not old enough to be a classic, nor is it young enough to still be desirable. This means that they can be picked up for very little money - £400 in some cases.

Although excellent as a master keyboard and preset-playback device, the D-70 is essentially a Roland U-20 with filters (it even takes the same PCM cards).

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