A 9-part multi-timbral digital synthesizer with 32-voice polyphony and a 61-note keyboard. Released in 1988.

The D-10 uses Roland's (in)famous Linear Arithmetic Synthesis for sound generation. This basically means combining a simple synthesizer engine with sampled sounds. Sawtooth and square waveforms are available on the synth section, along with a resonant digital filter. There are 128 internal patches, with more available using RAM cards (compatible with the D-50, MT-32 and D-20) or SysEx.

8 onboard reverb and delay effects are included to spice up the sounds. A drum sequencer is also featured. While the maximum polyphony is 32 voices, it varies depending on the layerings and sounds. The keyboard is velocity sensitive but without aftertouch. Full MIDI implemention is featured for external control.

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