Sir Paul McCartney calls it "The Daily"
Andrea McArdle calls it "The Daily"

I dreamt I saw Joe Hill last night. Oops! Wrong dream. I had a dream last night that Everything 2 had soft links working properly; at the bottom of each node was all the links one would have seen in Classic Everything. Alas, it was but a dream.

I dozed off, in the wee small hours, to the radiophonic strains of Beethoven's ninth symphony, and was reminded, oddly, of Merv Griffin.

After the film adaptation of A Clockwork Orange came out (1971?), the local Merv affiliate (The Station Formerly Known as WNEW-TV) regularly ran a cool-for-its-day Merv promo, featuring a nicely-edited montage of still photos from the show, backed by that jaunty theme from the latter part of the symphony, played on Moogs by Walter (now Wendy) Carlos for the Clockwork soundtrack.

When I eventually heard the actual Beethoven version (a few months later), I was disappointed that that theme didn't have the oomph! of Carlos' version. (Ludwig's ghost then suddenly appeared, and said, "Let Mr. Carlos come up with his own themes, and we'll see how much oomph! he has, you little expletive deleted!").

So I nod off into dreamland with visions of oomph!, Malcolm (R.I.P.), Arthur Treacher (Merv's sidekick; R.I.P.), and a sudden craving for fish and chips...

Janet told me this morning that she'd given her notice. Everyone else seemed to know already. I was going to bake bread for her before she left, but she got pissed off today and walked out before she'd even had lunch. Borders has become a massacre, a mutiny. I can't even like anyone anymore because they're just going to quit sooner or later. I giftwrapped 40 videos for a woman who did not thank me, the same woman who did not thank me for wrapping her 40 videos last year.

Today is the opening day of performances for the Stephen Sondheim's musical review Putting it Together in the Barrymore Theatre in Broadway. I wish I can see Ruthie Henshall again.

Today is also the day that Quake 3 Arena has gone gold, and it's ready for duplication.

Ouch! Rough morning. Wake up to a huge headache. Cannot get out of bed, feel too awful. Finaly at 2:00 it is time to brave the cold wet world and bike to food not bombs. Nourishment, soup and bread. It is quickly becoming evident that the headache is in fact a fever. A body headache. Motion hurts. Home, in bed again. Sharp phone interruption, clothes shopping at goodwill. Home and rest again. Over to selena's to watch Gummo, not impressed. Home and a rough, broken, sleep.

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