I'm surrounded by Christmas music these days - not by choice, really. As part of my personal "get to know the music of Dead White Males" project, I'm hearing carols and motets and oratorios (oratorii?) on radio stations, when I'd rather be hearing something else - fewer yuletide voices and more string quartets. I'm as much a non-fan of the mass piety of the season as I am a non-fan of the commercialism; but I have, it seems, been jolted into reverence for the first time. Ever. So some Norwegian carol is probably appropriate.

I find myself envious of the Space Day concept, reduced as I am to drive-by noding these days (i.e. even more so than usual). A lascivious Space Day is even more intriguing. I mean, lascivious is somewhere on my todo list: ... 3) wake up and figure out what day it is ... 7) what's for dinner? ... 11) kick the neighbor's dog ... 17) find a new streak of Eno-esque "idiot energy" for future use ... 23) get my groove back ... 34) there is no #34 ... 36) this sentence no verb ...

I took my Computer Science 160 exam. While waiting for my friend to finish I realised that I forgot to multiply something by two. Other than that it was easy. I really hate writing code on paper.

I found out tonight that accident that happened yesterday was no accident - a drunk driver was at fault. In that crash, the driver also killed another man.

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