Something's weird here. I got up, checked the e-mail, lurked for a couple of minutes at the usual suspects: /., E1, E2. Did a wee bit of stuff away from the computer. Then I come back; I did some meta moderation, followed a link from one of the comments, read I, Cringely... I check here again, and find that I'm logged in. So I make this node. I don't remember logging in. Yes, I flitted about. Yes, the coffee hasn't kicked in yet. Yes, I can be absent-minded (worst example: once left water boiling after leaving the apartment - 1982). But I don't think I logged in. Yes, my drug consumption has been near-zero for the past 12 years. No, it isn't Alzheimer's time yet.

In other words, might there be a cookie problem?

An aside: Flightless Bird as a permanent cookie

Ingredients: whole wheat and soy flours, nickel (from ground guitar strings), tofu, plaintain, saccharine, castor oil (no tropical oils were used in the making of this product), incense, Donald Barthelme Soylent Green FlakesĀ®, no preservatives...

Expiration date on the bag: December 1977. Mmmm, tasty!

19-11-1999 (or 11-19-1999 depending where you are from). November 11, 1999 will be the last odd date until 1-1-3111 (Jan 1, 3111). The next even date will be 2-2-2000.

Damn the power company! Today was the third power disruption this week. A few days ago there were two blackouts, and today there was a brownout that murdered my personal server. I need a UPS.

I picked up the replacement power brick for my laptop after school. School was uneventful, although in electronics I did hear about a contest that the teacher was advising people to enter. Unfortunately, entries can't use living things, can't interfere with other nearby devices, have to use Duracell brand batteries (and use them correctly; they can't be abused), can't use explosives or compressed air, and can't draw more than 12 volts per function. Most of my good electronic weapon ideas are ruled out by that, although I might still be able to build my taser and enter it.

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