Sometimes the growing pains
Are hard
Sometimes when you move on
It hurts
Put away childish toys
Friends have gone other ways
Even family
You love them
You've changed

They resist
Don't like the evolution
Upsets the plans
Changes the rules
Don't you love me
As I really am?
The authentic

Or only the hazy
You had in your head
Of who you thought I was
Friend, daughter, cousin
Suddenly I am eight feet tall
Stunned by silence
Abandoned by your withdrawal

But my skin is shed
I spread my hood
And rise
And flick my tongue
Not to threaten
But to smell
To taste
Your curious presence

When you rear back
In alarm
I am startled

I see a cobra
Reflected in your eyes

Today I was chased by rednecks. Yes, you read that right.

My brother in-law and I had been out for a while before it started raining. We were in the Z. For those of you who aren't gearheads, rain + rear-wheel drive sports car = lots of fun. I was enjoying myself too much to go straight home, so we took a little detour on the back-roads. When the roads got boring, we looked for an empty parking lot to do some donuts in. We found one, though it wasn't quite a "parking lot" per say. It was a "Community Center" that had a few outdoor basketball courts. I proceeded to enjoy myself.

Once I had had my fun, I decided to give my brother in-law a go. We were about to trade seats when I noticed two figures walking towards the Community Center from across the street. They did not look pleased.

"Wait...there's a guy walking over there...."
"Yeah...I wonder if he's coming over here."
"You think it's time to go?"

By this time the man in front was waving us over to where he stood. I had to drive past him to get out of the basketball courts. I didn't stop to think; I quickly put the car in gear and peeled out, waving "peace" at the two men, who were now running at us, as I past them. Worried they might catch my license plate number and call the cops, I made a sharp left turn and proceeded to gun it.


I laughed at the sight of the two rednecks running after us in my rear view. Now that's something you don't see everyday.

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