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Saw a documentary, Singing Our Stories, about Native women preserving the traditional musics of North America's indigenous peoples. (Which reminds me of a letter from Professor Heretic on the subject of the blues; I'll post it if I can get permission from him). Cool stuff, but the last part was a ringer of sorts: the trio Walela - Rita Coolidge, a.k.a. Walela (the former Mrs. Kris Kristofferson?), and her sister Priscilla (the former Mrs. Booker T. Jones), plus Priscilla's daughter Laura. They were surely there for their Star Power (such as it is - it ain't 1975 any more), since it would just be a dry NFB documentary without them, or, worse, it wouldn't have received adequate funding to begin with. But their segment fit in with the title of the film (since it connects with their Cherokee background in Tennessee) if not the spirit of it. The Coolidge sisters still sing wonderfully, BTW, as does TNG.

Yes, breakfast was a turkey-and-mashed-potato omelet. Not a rousing culinary success, but it tasted OK. Remember: the best disasters are edible ones.

Bought nothing today. Made a valiant effort to hook up with the Critical Mass ride on a bicycle ten sizes too small for me (I could have borrowed my roommate's bike but instead I got him to come out, which is more important, or would have been if we hadn't...) Got to the meeting-place, am informed that they just ended the ride. Now I have an extremely sore abdomen from zipping around riding a bike on my pereneum. Ouch ouch ouch. My roommate appreciated the crowd, though he didn't get to experience the ride itself, and is aiming to join me for next month's - on New Year's Eve. Oh baby.

As an encore, I ruined my sleeping schedule and made someone I care about cry by saying incredibly hurtful things when I was half-asleep. More evidence that sleep is bad for you.

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According to my home node, the day I became a noder. Little did I know it be such an integral part of my waking hours.

No regrets though. I believe noding has brought many benefits, including brushing up my spelling and grammar, and I have met many wonderful people.

Thankyou EDC, for such a wonderful site.

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