Hüsker Dü
New Day Rising
1985, SST Records
Produced by Hüsker Dü & Spot
Engineered by Hüsker Dü & Steve Fjelstad
Recorded July 1984, Nicollet Studios, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Grant Hart, drums and vocals
Bob Mould, guitar heroics and vocals
Greg Norton, bass and backing vocals (and mustache)

Note: contrary to what the w/u to the left/above claims, NDR followed, not preceded, "Zen Arcade".

  • New Day Rising
  • Girl Who Lives On Heaven Hill
  • I Apologize
  • Folk Lore
  • If I Told You
  • Celebrated Summer
  • Perfect Example

  • Terms of Psychic Warfare
  • 59 Times the Pain
  • Powerline
  • Books About UFO's
  • I Don't Know What You're Talking About
  • How to Skin a Cat
  • Watcha Drinkin'?
  • Plans I Make

    Notes: Grant sings on "Girl", "If I Told", "Books", and "Terms". Bob Mould sings on "Apologize", "Folk Lore", "Summer", "Example", "59", "Powerline", "What You're Talking About", "Drinkin'", and "Plans". The whole band is singing (er...screaming) on "New Day Rising" and I think everyone's featured on "Skin a Cat" as well, although Mould does the main narration. Anthrax does a remarkably faithful cover of "Celebrated Summer". And I know there's a band called 59 Times The Pain but I've never heard them. Spin Magazine named this album the 8th greatest punk album of all time in their 50 greatest list. It's one of about five albums I can listen to all the way through (along with other Huskers efforts and some of those by fellow Minneapolitan Replacements) and I'd put it in the top three albums of all time, in a dead heat with "Zen Arcade" by the Huskers and "Let It Be" by the 'Mats.

    As for "New Day Rising" the song, the lyrics for it are listed thusly in the booklet:

    New Day Rising
    New Day Rising...

    It's basically the boys screaming "New Day Rising" over and over for about two and a half minutes, and damned if it's not one of the coolest songs ever.

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