One of the Choose Your Own Adventure series of Children's books. It was released in 1982 and contains 30 endings. The plot revolves around your capture by aliens for a zoo, and also your search for the magical planet Ultima. However, it is impossible to find this planet, unless you cheat and turn directly to page 101.

I am concerned about the psychological effects an impossible Choose Your Own Adventure book may have on impressionable children. However, this story provides a good analogy for the Next Level way of life.

Life will present you with many "choices". Perhaps you will attempt to attack the aliens and be zapped by their laser beams. Maybe you will try to commandeer their spaceship and accidentally crash it into a moon. Luciferian teaching says that each choice leads down a new path. Next Level thinking is that all paths are essentially equal and that only by abandoning choices altogether and following the strict example of Ti and Do will you reach the mythical "Ultima", or as we call it, the Evolutionary Level Above Human.

When Comet Hale-Bopp arrived, many in our group felt that we had made successful choices and that we were about to obtain our heavenly reward. However, Ti and I knew that the UFO Companion was not going to seek us out; we had to take positive and drastic action to reach the Next Level. Instead of following traditional religious conventions and making a reasonable "choice", we knew the only way to obtain our dreams was through "turning directly to page 101", in this case downing 50 capsules worth of phenobarbital a piece, and suffocating the disciples who were having trouble keeping it down.

To us, this is our "Ultima", and my wish is that you are equally successful in your quest to ride UFO 54-40 to it! We'll be waiting for you!

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