Copper Blue: Sugar
1992: Rykodisc Records

The debut album from Bob Mould's post-Husker Du band Sugar. It is a return to the sound of the Husker's Flip Your Wig/New Day Rising era, and a welcome return at that. Mostly guitar-based, it boasts of some of Mould's best music (certainly best post-Huskers), like the Beatle-esque "Hoover Dam", or the Pixies-ish "Good Idea," as well as the minor hits "Helpless" and "If I Can't Change Your Mind." This album got a large boost, thanks to the "alternative" explosion of the early nineties, but it remains a good, relevant listen.


  • 1. The Act We Act
  • 2. A Good Idea
  • 3. Changes
  • 4. Helpless
  • 5. Hoover Dam
  • 6. The Slim
  • 7. If I Can't Change Your Mind
  • 8. Fortune Teller
  • 9. Slick
  • 10. Man On The Moon: Ironically, fellow-1980s indie icons R.E.M. also released a song called Man on the Moon in 1992; that one, of course, would go on to be the theme to the same-titled bio-pic about Andy Kaufman.
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