As is usual, I only node dreams with a strong everything2 content in them. In this dream, Dimview had come to visit me from Denmark in preparation for HD6. While in Portland, we were riding on a TriMet bus. For some reason, we were the only people on the bus, and when we got lost (actually because I saw a Norwegian friend and urged Dimview to "speak your moonman language to him", jumping off the bus to chase him down), Dimview was left driving the bus. I don't know where the driver went, and apparently neither did Dimview, who was stuck driving the bus in circles around the Rose Quarter Transit Center. And apparently neither did a plain clothes police officer in an SUV who was watching the bus weave around. The driver, apparently, wasn't from around here. "I can explain officer, really I can..."
"I am sure you can, cocksucker"
"Did you hear him say that?"
But Dimview wasn't too nervous about the matter.
"Hello, my little schwein" she said to the police officer, and then hugged him. And then I realized that the police officer was actually Ouroboros. Crisis averted! We all set out to find our way to the coast.

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