Last night I woke up at three. I had a strange dream; it was either that or my roommate dropping a bottle of ibuprofen on the floor that woke me up. Being a light sleeper means that I wake up easily. It also means that I have trouble getting back to sleep once something has awakened me. After twelve minutes of not sleeping I got up to watch TV. My roommate had just gotten back from a night out with some of his friends. I don't know what it is about my roommate but it seems like he's always picking up women. The other night I turned the heat off because the weather's been warmer. I was cold talking to my roommate but he didn't seem to notice the chill. My roommate offered me something to drink while he told me all about the new girl he had met. Her name is Angela, she's twenty-four and she works for U.S. Cellular.

My roommate is six feet tall. He's skinny, his voice is effeminate and his hair is dark red but it is still red. People joke about him being gay, he drives a white BMW and we're both neat freaks but our compulsions manifest in different ways. e.g. I don't like it when he leaves dishes in the sink and I wear my shoes in our apartment because I don't care about the carpeting that will never be clean anyways. The house my roommate likes has hardwood floors which is what I grew up with. Nothing against the house but I'm not sure I want to live there with my roommate. Whether I'm ready for that type of a commitment or not if he wants to go forward with this I'm going to have to make a decision about what I want to do. In other news my ex-girlfriend called to ask if she had left her San Diego sweatshirt over at our place.

Before I could ask Trevor if her call was a ploy to get me to call her back he told me he thought he was going to puke. Later he told me he wasn't sure if it was the beer or all the ibuprofen he took on an empty stomach. Before I left for work I opened Trevor's door to check if he was still alive. He was sleeping on his stomach while his cell phone was napping on the pillow next to him. Today I have mixed feelings about last night. Anyone can get sick but is Trevor the kind of person I want to buy a house with?

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