I was at school holding my winter coat. It was during classes, and I was standing outside in the middle of the campus, looking around. I noticed small drips of rain pelting against my skin and I put my coat on, knowing that the material that the coat is made of would repel the rain. When I looked back up from adjusting my coat, I saw two girls walking nearby. One said to the other, "See, she's smart! She had that coat!" Along with the rain, the sequence of the dream faded away.

I was now walking into the school library when I saw the newspaper advisor at the entrance. She asked me why I was wearing a "puffy black person's coat." I told her that it kept me warm and it was, overall, very "efficient". From that word, she got a sudden understanding of my coat and left me alone. I boggled over her question, but left when I felt my bladder wanting to explode.

I went into a unisex bathroom and my boyfriend was there standing at the counter. I stood as I urinated in the stall (somehow) while facing the door and looking over it at him. A group of small children came in the door and he was busy with them. When I looked back at myself, I noticed I was peeing all over my pants and shoes. I had gotten my vagina out of alignment with the toilet. I couldn't let anyone know what happened, so I said I wanted to go home and change clothing.

When I went home, a boy from my academic team, Jarrett, called me and asked me if I wanted to go with him to some event on Sunday. I agreed to go with him. I then saw my dad holding a flyer for the same event which had been likened to a quilting bee by the time it got around to him. It was supposed to be a family day at a local amusement park and the big even was the opening of The Beast (which, funny enough, looked like The Beast at King's Island in Cincinnati). I met Jarrett there and I realized he was carrying a small child. Jarrett told me that the boy was our son, that we had 2 years ago.

The funny thing is, in the dream, I had no concept of how babies were born, and found it quite normal that I had never seen this baby in my life. I knew, from looking at it, that the baby was a genius. He was very articulate for a 2 year old and spoke like a 5 or 6 year old, if not older. He looked like my boyfriend and nothing like my teammate. My son wanted to go on the roller coaster. I am, of course, afraid of roller coasters, but I went on it for his sake. As I stood in line, I saw several parents with their babies loading on the ride. They sat in all sorts of dangerous positions. One mother had her legs dangling out of the car with the baby resting on her knees. I mentally warned her and she began to climb back into the car. Her buttcrack became visible for a second. I was disturbed by this. Eventually we got on the ride and it began. I closed my eyes as we went through each loop. The ride ended after the 2nd loop.

Jarret, the baby, and I walked back to our car. We were walking through pastel-colored goo that had collected on the ground. It was somewhat rubbery. Jarrett was giving me a run-by-run play on the baby's life. I feigned interest but I really couldn't care less about the kid. I was sexually attracted to Jarrett for some reason and wanted to get rid of the kid so I could have sex with him. As I stepped in one weird looking pile of goo, I awoke.

I dreamed I had a boyfriend. This isn't unusual.

It was probably someone I know. This isn't unusual either.

I dreamed that my boyfriend had a detachable penis. I suppose this is where it gets strange. He just twisted it off and gave it to me, and I proceeded to carry around my boyfriend's penis all day, giving him handjobs. My boyfriend, the lucky dog, got full benefit of this without my presence -- his penis doubled as a remote control. (Jealous yet?) All I had to do was provide stimuli to said detached penis, while in a two mile vicinity of the bloke, and all sensations reached him full-force.

I woke up laughing.
I actually had this yesterday, but as I haven't slept since then we might as well call it today.

There's a large room under McConnell Hall that's not on the architecture diagrams. It's an Escherian space, at least the approaches thereof -- you have to walk up 6 or so flights of stairs to go underground. Down there is a large room: ceiling maybe 20 feet up, y & z dimensions somewhat larger than Smitty, or maybe larger than the Smitty I remember (which is admittedly larger than IRL, as I was quite a bit smaller then). Couches with various people on them, fine bookshelves with facinating books, artwork in burnished copper and blue oils.

This is a recent addition to my repeat dream stages. Perk: I can fly in this one. Not too much air to work with, but I still fly up the stairs, jump off bookshelves and fly across the room like the worst nightmare of that sad, tiny percentage of the population with a mortal fear of supernatural ferrets. Really annoyed someone's parents who had dropped by; disposing of them was easy - "it's the middle of the summer and you're in a dorm. You can't get more irrelevant." There was some other randomness down there, but I described this only to set up the scene and illustrate some background noise.

During the dream I saw that I was wearing two class rings from TAMS. I had one on each hand, such as a character in an RPG might wear two enchanted objects. They were identical except for the dates. One was marked from 1992 to 1996, the other from 1992 to 1999. This is unusual in the first degree in that I was there from 94 to 96, and unusual in the second in that the former ring was more aged and worn-down than the latter ring. After I woke up, I just stared at my hands for a little while.

If I were Gilgamesh, I would go to Ninsun and be told that my rings are two time periods of lessons. The older ring observes from 1992, when I Awoke, to 1996, when I Left. The newer ring starts again in 1992, but stop at 1999, when I stopped dying and internalized the answers that I had feared. The older ring is worn because it is exterior - it shows my visible changes; these are not the things that last. The newer ring burns brightly; it shows what no one can see; what I build on day after day. The ring stays bright as I continue to maintain it.

That was the meaning of my dream.

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